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Game AIs will become pretty scary if we start applying deep learning to them, especially bosses.

But, imagine, if you will...

Not all video games are worth a mention, but the scary puzzle games that follow are at least interesting enough for a few hours of fun, if not a lot more!

Momo is Here

Momo is Here video game Developed by Laplace Games and published by Laplace Games

Developed by Laplace Games and published by Laplace Games

You were left alone at home for a few days. The phone was constantly ringing with strange calls in which voices spoke of Momo. These conversations were terrible. You have not slept for several days and are very tired. Deciding to take a nap, you are somehow transported to a place that resembles an abandoned house. The doors are locked, no one answers and certainly no one will help. Your task is to get out and not let yourself be caught! Solve puzzles, escape Momo's pursuit and get out of this nightmare!

Don't get caught by Momo or you'll be finished!

In the game you have to solve difficult puzzles!

Find items to crack chests!

Try to survive at all costs and escape from this horror!

Game Features:Great graphics!Challenging puzzles!Awesome plot!Easter eggs!

Momo is Here

Momo is Here video game Developed by Laplace Games and published by Laplace Games video screen

More about this game here.

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Eleanor's Stairway Playable Teaser (2015 concept test)

Eleanor's Stairway Playable Teaser (2015 concept test) video game by renatoaruffo

Made by renatoaruffo

This game concept is being completely remodeled and replanned, still focusing on keeping the suspense and horror. But this is a small first teaserproof of concept I developed back in 2015. I am working on a small demoprologue which I plan on releasing in a few months. Please follow me for more details and to follow the production of the new versionon Instagram and our page on Facebook .


This is a (2-3 minutes) short teaser game I developed back in 2015inspired by the classic Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby and Silent Hills playable teaser, P.T. I tried to mix the mystery behind that music in a game style environment to see if I could show a nice and scary ambiance.

This game started as a school project(Gnomon School of Visual Effects) and a art for a Halloween contest and got the 1st place at the Sketch Fab and after that I decided to make a extension beyond visual stuff. This was great to practice lots of technical art and design, I love to develop interactive entertainment and creating video games is a big passion. Horror also has a special place in my heart, so mixing both together came a really fun project to develop and learn.

I used zBrush, Maya, Blender, 3D Coat, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, xNormals and Unity 5.2 to create this scene, also used and tested it on Sketchfab, later I programmed the game in C inside Unity 3D.

This started just a art scene with interaction and events around, just added that name because of Silent Hills inspiration, but If there are lots of feedback and people supportingplaying this project I will extend and make a real beginning to end game.

Eleanor's Stairway Playable Teaser (2015 concept test)

More about this game here.

欢迎回家-Welcome Home

欢迎回家-Welcome Home video game Developed by 橙光游戏 and published by 橙光游戏

Developed by 橙光游戏 and published by 橙光游戏

What would you do if you woke up one day with a splitting headache, lost part of your memory, and were imprisoned in a home you knew but didn't know? When you want to save the familiar classmates, but are trapped in an abandoned teaching building, encounter all kinds of strange and scary events, what will you do? How do you get out of here when you're alone, trapped somewhere, and you have to open that door, through your own efforts. Are you fooled, are you deceived, are you the hero of the story? Maybe not. These five events, five piles of secret room behind the imprisonment of what kind of secret, you anger, struggle, confusion, despair, and finally uncovered what will be the truth? It opens with a suspenseful opening that leads to a search for the one truth, then reverses at the end and hits home. All clues laid, layer upon layer peeling cocoon after the move is a way out is also cliff deep cliff.

Game Play

The game is divided into five chapters, in each chapter you play a different role, through their own efforts to find the truth of the story. Who are you? The answer is uncertain. What you've been through, no one can understand. You're being fooled. Maybe that person is the hero of the story.

Game features:

Huge branch system, brain-burning puzzle setting" : The story of this work is rich, there are many branch lines, creating a unique sense of reading, puzzle setting is highly playable, extremely brain-burning.

Brilliant characterization and exquisite plot" : the characterization of characters is vivid and exquisite, and everyone has a complex human nature, with ups and downs of the plot, exciting.

Multiple ending experience" : High freedom of choice, there are many different routes to choose from, each one is a different story.

Thought Provoking content" : "When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you." In addition to the stimulation of reversal, the story also brings us a lot of questions about human nature.

欢迎回家-Welcome Home

欢迎回家-Welcome Home video game Developed by 橙光游戏 and published by 橙光游戏 video screen

More about this game here.

Edge of Reality: Lost Secrets of the Forest Collector's Edition

Edge of Reality: Lost Secrets of the Forest Collector's Edition video game Developed by Friendly Fox and published by Big Fish Games

Developed by Friendly Fox and published by Big Fish Games

Friendly Fox needs an expert like you in this stunning addition to the Edge of Reality series!

Its been 20 years since your last visit to Redwood National Park, but your love of nature has made you an expert in the field. So, when strange human-shaped plants start appearing across the park, its up to you to uncover their source! But theres much more to this mystery than just fantastical fauna. Between rumors of illegal logging, an order of owl-clad protectors, and a recent series of disappearances, its going to take all your skills to win over new animal friends and save the day! Do you have what it takes? Find out in this enthralling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

This is a special Collectors Edition release full of exclusive extras you wont find in the standard version. The Collectors Edition includes:

Play as a Park Director to battle dark forces in the Bonus Chapter!

Complete your menagerie of Animals, collect every Morphing Object, and rack up all the Achievements!

Enjoy exclusive Concept Art, Screensavers, Wallpapers, and Original Music!

Dont get lost in the woods without the detailed Strategy Guide!

This is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, meaning a specific genre of story-driven, point click adventures. Throughout the game, players are tasked to find a list of objects hidden within a particular scene, and to occasionally complete various mini-gamespuzzles.

Edge of Reality: Lost Secrets of the Forest Collector's Edition

Edge of Reality: Lost Secrets of the Forest Collector's Edition video game Developed by Friendly Fox and published by Big Fish Games video screen

More about this game here.

Only In Darkness

Only In Darkness video game by Spalato Bros

Made by Spalato Bros

Only In Darkness is a first person horror game based on using various lighting methods to stun an enemy.

Second level "Offices" is released!

This level is completely different to the first level, so even if you've played the first level you have to try this one.

For the ultimate experience:

Play with at least 60 fps or 144 fps.

Wear good quality headphones.

Play in a dark room.

Players who "complete the game in Normal mode" will be listed on a board.

Players who "complete the game in BRUTAL mode" will be listed on a board.

Controls are listed within the games menu screen and by pressing escape in-game.

Please leave feedback we would love to hear what you think!

Join my discord to hear all the latest news about the game and other things.


Only In Darkness

More about this game here.

Within Skerry

Within Skerry video game Developed by Stanislaw Truchowski and published by TurnVex

Developed by Stanislaw Truchowski and published by TurnVex

Within Skerry is a short horror development that places significant emphasis on creating an atmosphere of great terror, suspense, and anticipation for the player. Within Skerry also features a dark and twisted storyline with events and audio that will send shivers down your spine.The Accumulation of Evil is an ancient book stating that if enough evil energy is concentrated in a single area, a dark force may be born.Located on a skerry is a large mansion used to meet with many of the worlds top leaders. Is it rumored that during these meetings, world leaders - people of power and wealth - would engage in all sorts of horrific transactions. Some of these transactions are rumored to include weapons and drug trading, human trafficking, and murder.Its been several weeks since anyone has heard from some of these world leaders. Nobody can get a hold of them, and nobody can find them. However, many people who follow this story online suspect that these people have all been murdered on their infamous skerry. Many referenced The Accumulation of Evil, and others call it a misunderstanding. But who is to truly know?I intend to visit the skerry and see for myself. Its not too far off from the mainland, so I will check it out then leave.Within Skerry contains flashing lights. Within Skerry is also a horror game with significant elements of horror and scares that can increase blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. Please proceed at your own risk. For the best experience, use headphones and play alone in the darkWithin Skerry is a short horror game with an estimated single completion time of 60 minutes. As such, Within Skerry DOES NOT offer save-game functionality. Within Skerry must be completed in a SINGLE SITTING.Within Skerry is a short explorative horror game. You will venture throughout the island and discover items, solve puzzles, and learn about the dark story encompassing the island and its inhabitants. You will do all of this while being on edge, as you are stalked by the current residents of the estate.Within Skerry includes several endings, all of which depend on the final choices you make within the game. The more items you collect, and the more story you uncover, the closer you may get to unlocking the final, true ending.Do you have what it takes to escape the Skerry?Within Skerry was an absolute joy to develop. It all started out with a house I've seen and said to myself " I kind of want to build this house and make a scary game out of it". So, I began putting a rough blueprint together, and began developing the house (With a few changes, here and there). To be honest, my vision for the game at the preliminary stages is extremely different from what the game is right now. For one, it was supposed to be sunny outside, and the entire house was supposed to be lightmapped with no plywood blocking off the windows. Unfortunately, I am horrible with lightmapping and every time I did something with lightmapping, things broke, or things just looked ugly altogether. It was a struggle, that's for sure. But as time went on, new ideas popped into my head, and I began to implement these new ideas into the game - ultimately forming what we have here, today.I am also really pleased to finally offer multiple language support. Though, this is my first crack at it, so please be warned, grammar errors may exist :)To this day, I believe within Skerry is my best and scariest game. If you decide to give the game a go, I hope you pop on some headphones, turn the lights off, and enjoy the ride. Please, whether you enjoyed or disliked the game, please leave a review, as all reviews truly help me gage where my games stand, in terms of popularity. Tell me what you like, what you disliked, and even what spooked you out! All your responses will be greatly appreciated.As always, I want to thank you all for the support. Your kindness and support of the games I release are what drive me to want to keep releasing more and more games.Cheers, everyone, and happy gaming!Stan. T

Within Skerry

Within Skerry video game Developed by Stanislaw Truchowski and published by TurnVex video screen

More about this game here.

DYMENSION Prologue:Scary Horror Survival Shooter

DYMENSION Prologue:Scary Horror Survival Shooter video game Developed by Midnight Games and published by Midnight Games

Developed by Midnight Games and published by Midnight Games

GET FULL GAME Dymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter

This is a horror game in the first person.

You have to go through the first part of the game.

You travel from city to city because you are not used to staying in one place. While working at a gas station, you come across a newspaper

with a vacancy announcement for the position of a security guard, and by dialing the number, you were asked several questions.

Only one point was important - are you ready to follow the rules and perform the tasks?

You were not interested in the details, because you did not plan to stay in this place.

The only thing that interested you was the payment and bonuses for the night shift.

You dont have much to choose from, and you have only the military service as an experience.

Because of your hot-tempered personality, it was difficult for you to linger on past jobs.

It was not easy to find the place, because it was hidden far from the nearest settlement.

Night, bad weather, lack of good visibility, and you turned onto the wrong road.

Precious time is lost.

You didnt find anyone at the founded location and decided to call the intercom. The voice was not very friendly.

After receiving the entry code and instructions on where to go next, you get to the meeting place with your employer.

The action of the game begins in the elevator. Its your first day at a new job, youre a little worried that youre late.

Forgot to read the instructions you received in the mail.

Thoughts appeared in my head about how to fix this situation.

The elevator doors have opened in front of you, and behind them is a man who is extremely passionate about something.

The attempt to start a conversation failed and there was an awkward pause. A siren sounded.

You were reminded of the instructions that you didnt have time to read, and it probably contains important information.

Well, nothing, well figure it out on the spot, and you wont get used to it. You have a strange feeling that the whole situation is extremely strange. As soon as you want to take up your duties, mysterious things begin to happen that frighten

Whats going on here? This is not the job I was hoping for at all, but what if I fell for a trick? You have to find out because the further you go, the more things are starting to get out of control.....


A complicated story with a plot twist ;

You will have to collect information bit by bit and figure out what is happening;

Solve puzzles and use all available objects;

The creepy and tense atmosphere only escalates the situation;

Especially the gloomy concept of the game;

Light is your only helper;

The weapon will not be easy to get, and each cartridge is valuable;

Different mechanics of the characters behavior will make you nervous and make quick decisions;

As a bonus, you will open a new location where you can get new hints for the game;

DYMENSION Prologue:Scary Horror Survival Shooter

DYMENSION Prologue:Scary Horror Survival Shooter video game Developed by Midnight Games and published by Midnight Games video screen

More about this game here.

The Reck (Horror) - DEMO

The Reck (Horror) - DEMO video game by theytookcake

Made by theytookcake





I did this game(DEMO) in under a week with one friend.Full game is still in development and it will have more places then this DEMO version.


As you were exploring an abandoned city you fell into a hole where you found one unlocked door that is leading to a bunker. You've heard very loud screams and found out that this place is haunted by "The Reck"... He can hear your heartbeat and everything you do, so be very careful! The only way to leave this place is to climb up a ladder which is located in the Hall. The main Hall door is blocked with big heavy rocks!

Can you stay alive and complete all Bunker puzzles to leave this place as soon as possible?

Your main thing to do is to find a trap door key but as far as i know it's inside the Safe which is locked with code... To get this code you'll need to find a key that's leading to Statue Room where you can put 3 symbols and open the big vault door there you must cut one wire (be careful you can trigger the alarm if you get it wrong) but before cutting you'll need to activate power with secret code which is written on a paper and hidden somewhere. Finally big metal door will open and there you can find your Safe code...BE CAREFUL HE CAN BE BEHIND YOU ANYTIME!!!


Q- Hide your Lantern. (This will save your fuel)

LMB- Interact with stuff. (Pickup Stuff, pull pictures down, unlockopen doors, etc...)

RMB -Put paper down.

G- Drop items.

Shift- Run

ESC- Go back to Main Menu

SupportDonate: (OPTIONAL, but if you do so thanks!)-----------------------------------------------------If you want to support me you can always donate and you'll be listed below as a donator Thanks 3------------------------------------------------------ TOP DONATORS: -- LordofNope - 15 -- Chainsaw Princess - 10-- Karchy - 4 ------------------------------------------------------

The Reck (Horror) - DEMO

More about this game here.

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