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Take a load off and enjoy a few of the epic indie open world games brought together below. They're bound to be fun!

Legacy: the last pure heart

Legacy: the last pure heart video game Developed by Addie J. Lobruno and published by Addie J. Lobruno

Developed by Addie J. Lobruno and published by Addie J. Lobruno

The Day of Judgment has come.

You are the Chief Justice's messenger and you must find out what led this world to this outcome.

You will learn about the history of the owners of the last pure hearts.

Enter the bodies of animals that have been helped by the Pure.

You will learn how animals lived before humanity interrupted their tranquility. Immerse yourself in the animal kingdom.

You have to both become a predator and hunt others, and become a victim to escape from predators. Sleep outdoors, enjoying the starry skies, or in a safe burrow away from danger.

Become a bird and soar above the clouds. Or by becoming a bear, take care of your cub.

Enjoy this wonderful world until the Day of Judgment. And execute a righteous judgment on the world, knowing all the circumstances.

Legacy: the last pure heart

Legacy: the last pure heart video game Developed by Addie J. Lobruno and published by Addie J. Lobruno video screen

More about this game here.

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GodAI video game by AWK

Made by AWK

Use the itch app for easy updating.

Disclaimer: Development and support are halted for the foreseeable future.

Immerse yourself in an AI-driven literary universe where anything can happen.

The world is filled with things to discover and experience, all it takes is curiosity and creativity.

Or as the AI puts it: "You are a sentient being who has been given a body of your own. And you have infinite potentialities to explore."

This is not just a game about e this is also a story that's told by you. Your actions and choices will determine how far you go on your quest. Every choice makes a difference, some decisions might be life or death depending on what happens next.

The world itself is alive and interactive, so even if it seems like nothing more than text on a flat screen, don't forget to look around.

It is a text-based Holodeck, it is super-powered interactive fiction. You're interacting with everything in minute detail, from the environment, characters, objects toabstract concepts of what it means to interact with things.You're inhabiting a virtual reality simulation with fractal levels of infinite detail. You are operating from within the game universe, which means you can interact directly with every single thing and you can be anything you want to be. It's totally up to you."


This early version requires alocal AI model running on your computer and a CUDA-enabled GPU is highly recommended, the model and dependencies will be downloaded the first time you run GodAI.

Follow us on Twitter, join the community on Discord.


More about this game here.

Game City

Game City video game Developed by Game City Studios and published by Game City Studios

Developed by Game City Studios and published by Game City Studios

Parkour is usually very cool and stylish, but today recommended to everyone this game instead with a lovely way to show parkour. The purpose of the game is to make the capsule jump over difficult terrain, perform superb parkour technology, sometimes the obstacles will blend into the surrounding environment, be careful.

ESC exits the game and R returns to the starting point

It's a pure parkour game, with nothing but parkour.

Very moving game story, unforgettable game scenes, carefully carved game characters. None of these, not even BGM.

Playing this game only makes people feel miserable.

This game is just a tool to torture you.

You won't get anything but pain by buying this game

To find out all the features and content included in the game, contact customer service

Customer service email:

Game City

Game City video game Developed by Game City Studios and published by Game City Studios video screen

More about this game here.

Mike goes on hike

Mike goes on hike video game Developed by ELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENT and published by ELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENT


Have you ever been on a hike? As a child, Mike often went to the forest with his grandfather but now the work takes all his time. The only accident made the hero go back to the route...

So take your backpack and join Mike on his spectacular journey! Incredible views of wildlife, the romance of the forest trek and new discoveries are waiting for you. Go all the way to the end to feel the spirit of freedom again and fulfill the request of your beloved grandfather.

In Mike Goes on Hike you will see:

realistic landscapes and sounds that will make you dive - into the atmosphere of hiking

endless locations that you can explore for hours

multiple activities: installation of a tent, breeding of fire and other tasks

important life lessons that will guide you to the right path



Mike goes on hike

Mike goes on hike video game Developed by ELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENT and published by ELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENT video screen

More about this game here.

Donensbourgh - Medieval RPG

Donensbourgh - Medieval RPG video game by ochounos

Made by ochounos

Donensbourgh is a medieval RPG game. The progress is based onskills with actions like crafting, farming, trading, cooking, talking, digging, fishing, feeding,...

Single player in first person camera.

It's a journey, based on story.

Has whole24hday-night cycle.

Accuratelyambiented in late XIII century.

Realistic simulator, don't include spells or dragons.

No violence, combat or deaths involved.

NOTE: This alpha version is outdated (published August 2019). I keep working in the game every day but there are so many changes that I cannot update it until I have a playable version again. I'm very sorry for the delay. Join discord channel if you want to know more about the current game state.The game is currently in Early Access stage so the current state may not be representative of the final product.This downloadable version is an alpha version, not a final version. Time to complete all the quests included in this alpha version is around 3-4 hours.I have created adocument guidewith all the instructions on how to complete all the quests. The document contains spoilers, use only if you stuck at any point.Check gameplay videos in my YouTube channel.You can follow the development of the game in the next links:Official web:development:streams: a Patreon:can donate at any time via Paypal or downloading again the game here in Thank you for your support.

Donensbourgh - Medieval RPG

More about this game here.


Leganda video game Developed by PyxelBlobs Studio and published by PyxelBlobs Studio

Developed by PyxelBlobs Studio and published by PyxelBlobs Studio

Leganda - Build and manage your energy business.r votre production et explorer des îles riches en ressources.

You buy out a forgotten energy company. Develop as you explore the different islands and fight the enemies there!

Your first objective is to produce energy to supply the neighboring villages with Bluegol. Bluegol is the unit of energy in the game. You can produce it using the main generator. However, it must be powered by sub-generators like solar panels, wind turbines, coal generators and more. The energy you produce feeds the surrounding villages. You are then paid with money and you gain reputation. The villages you feed give you access to merchants and quests to develop, improve your production, and explore resource-rich islands.

Explore the islands of the Leganda Archipelago with the teleportation totem. The procedurally generated islands are provided with the resources needed to construct buildings and generators. Some resources are scarce and require visiting multiple islands. To explore them, research and collect blueprints. Once studied, they allow you to locate new islands.

The turn-based combat system uses cards and dice. Before a fight, you can choose a maximum of eight cards for your deck. Unlock new cards in quest rewards or by exploring the world of Leganda. On each turn, the dice are rolled. Each card requires specific conditions on the roll result in order to be used. For example, parity, imparity, a maximum result, a minimum result, etc.

Enemies also have cards. Each type of enemy has its own deck and its own attacks. An enemy can also belong to an element (earth, air, water, fire) and have additional abilities!

Play strategically and choose your cards wisely to defeat them all!

Other planned additions

New production machines: nuclear reactor, gas turbines, hydroelectric turbines, oil generator , geothermal energy generator, [biomass generator,] etc ...

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables which can be used among other things in the biomass generator but also for food.

Tree plantation

At least three new biomes

Engine room upgrade system

Level system for battle cards

Research system for the construction of new buildings

Skill tree and much more!

I am open to all proposals!


Leganda video game Developed by PyxelBlobs Studio and published by PyxelBlobs Studio video screen

More about this game here.

Side Effect

Side Effect video game Developed by justLukass and published by justLukass

Developed by justLukass and published by justLukass

Nature has been polluted with garbage created by mankind for many long years. In this first person exploration game you will discover how pollution started and how it can be stopped one garbage at a time. Land and water are littered by used plastic, paper and glass products while air consists of very dense smog.


Collect and recycle litter from the environment

Make friends with various types of animals and get to know their individual stories

Let your new animal friends help you with the nature cleanup

Discover hidden stories about how pollution started

Help nature and its animals survive this garbage apocalypse

Side Effect

Side Effect video game Developed by justLukass and published by justLukass video screen

More about this game here.


ReTech video game by fedj99

Made by fedj99


This is ReTech, a game I have been developing on my own over a year now. It is an open-world survival game, in a low poly art style. At the moment, you can explore the map, collect resource and craft new items, and much more.

You obviously have to survive somehow. You can find vital resources in various locations around the map, or you can hunt your own food.

But nothing is easy when having to survive on your onw! To get to the stuff you want, you have to defeat enemies defending important locations. You can do this with your weapon of choice, ranging from machetes to sniper rifles.

If you found a good spot and have the basic resources needed to survive, you can also start building your own base. Chop down wood and stone to create your shelter!

This version of the game contains all the base features that a survival game need. At the moment you can:

Explore a cool large map

Gather resources in the environment (rocks, tree stumps and fallen trees are harvestable)

Fight enemies in town locations to get to the loot you want

Scavenge for food and water to keep yourself alive

Craft tools, components, building parts and much more to suit your needs

Build a base, to have some shelter at night

In future releases, I will add stuff like farming and automation, electricity production and exciting machines, so stay put!

I really want to create a game that everybody likes, so if you have a suggestion, just write a short review on the feedback page.

You can also check out my YouTube channel, where I post funny videos of the game every now and then


Federico, developer of ReTech


Don't know how to play? Don't worry, here's a little explanation of how to get started.

More info on

LootLoot spawns at various locations around the map. Once collected, it will respawn in 15 minutes. Usually the same type of loot is found in a specific location, for example, rifler will spawn in military hangars, whereas food will spawn in civilian houses.ResourcesTo gather wood, find one of these and chop them down with your tool of choice: Fallen tree: Or tree stump: To get stone and metal ores find these rocks: The rest of the stuff in game isn't harvestable at the moment. However, you can remove blocks you placed with the same method you use to gather resources.CraftingTo craft something, you first need a crafting workbench, like the "carpenter bench". Then, you simply drag the items needed in the crafting inventory and select the item you want to craft. Click "Craft" and your item will begin crafting. Every craftable item has to be crafted at a specific workbench. Most workbenches can be crafted in the "tool station" workbench.Here's a list of all the recipes:I recommend you to look at it on since it's wider and better to see there.BuildingBuilding parts can be acquired by finding them as loot or by crafting them out of wood parts. To build, simply equip the structure. A preview will appear, indicating where it will go. If it is green, it can be placed. PressLeft Mouse Button to rotate a structure.Structures or any other blocks can be removed using a tool like "stick and stone" or a pick.


More about this game here.

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