Slim Marion and Canardo Take Us to "Afri-K"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Slim Marion and Canardo rock a smooth dance beat with a lot of love and African vibes in "Afri-K".

This is a celebration of the continent; its lands and its people, its sights and its sounds, in heart and in song.

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Fresh from the plane, a vast plain extending...
A warmth, a heat, a heart's hole, mending...

You're sending out love with each look and gesture.

Heaven above knows your love is a love without measure.

"You are in my head and my heart forever"

Electric voice and grounded groove give "Afri-K" an enticing tone. All modern musical magic with meaning behind the melody...

Slim Marion and Canardo imbue this track with Cameroonian style and Afropop accents. Accentuated by the 'language of love' is the love on display for the rich continent of Africa. Lovely.

Dramatic violin stabs build this track's vibe to epic proportions, dropping us off to pick us up again, and an arabic horn hollers at our arrival, dripping liquid notes into every crease in the mix. Mistifying...

This song is all too easy to put on replay. It's a sweet, solid track. Stay a while, play it and smile.

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