Skyfever Look Out for "Sunny Days"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Sun, Skyfever face the Sun in "Sunny Days".

Dramatic as Creed and tuneful as Travis, "Sunny Days" sounds like Sun slipping through clouds of gray.

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Treading water... Keeping distance...

A short distance to shoreline.

Tide takes its toll and takes you out.

Out with the tide, on the tide you'll return.

SkyFever Sunny Days-done

"The Sun and sea are watching over me."

The chorus makes a singalong of this song, even if you haven't heard it before. The vocals come out strong as wind sweeping over waves of melody.

Despite a definite emphasis on vocals, "Sunny Days" is very much a full picture song. Guitar strings, strummed, hang strung out all around. Drum taps and touches touch the top of the spectrum and everywhere underneath. As a seamless force, this song rushes the senses.

"Sunny Days" is mellow music with a rock hard kick. It kicks into gear by the first chorus and keeps cruising clear to the end. You don't have to let it end, though - there's always the replay button. Have at it.

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