Odd Nugget Social-done

Good times and lofty vibes lead straight to an escape in Skinny Dipp and Mike Hudson’s “Feel the Way”.

Hat tilts to top pop of the past and a ton of fun make this tune too good to pass up.

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No sense of direction…

A whisper could dissuade you.

Swayed by music, in the moment… You…

Make a momentary connection.


“I can see good times rollin'”

Flangey string stabs shuffle to and fro fast enough to spark a fire. Vocals phase in through the sonic cloud with alien energy and uplifting feel.

“Feel the Way” sounds the way it feels to fall in love. It’s warm and fragrant with mid-frequency magic; made for the moment, but meant to last.

The groove is grand in this track. It’s a clear case of dancer’s delight. Every element in the mix comes together just right – the dance-floor pull-power is undeniable.

Even if you aren’t up for dancing, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by passing up this track. It’s chill epitomized and an excellent listen. Listen.

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