Siren's Sky Open Up in "Release"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Poetic pain bleeding over rocking balladry... Siren's Sky set sights on high in their dramatic new track "Release."

Fans of symphonic metal will get a kick out of this one for sure.

"And it will always be..."

Tempted to a distant horizon, you move. Crisp air, sharp light and sound...

The ground is shifting. Stones dislodge. Down; a chasm opens at your feet.

Eyes shut, a light glows far beneath you. Tunnel's end is your beginning.


"...Until our bodies fade away..."

Immediately, the likes of Symphony X come to mind; particularly, their track "Paradise Lost." "Release" is a story told in tune.

Bold vocals reach up and out of the mix - hovering in space over acoustic arpeggios. Tension builds...

Odd Nugg-done

Passing from acoustic balladry to distorted gothic heft, "Release" runs loose at its halfway point. Here, the Nightwish nuances coalesce and we're treated to another helping of chorus colored by roaring chords.

This is perfect for fans of musical drama and mystique. Have a listen and enjoy the ride.

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