Siobhan Wilson Assures Us That She Will "Marry You"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Shoegaze grazes rock in Siobhan Wilson's new track "Marry You".

It's refreshingly fuzzy, heavily harmonic stuff and entirely too addictive to turn down.

Honeydew skies and a scattering of trees...

You've asked 'pretty please'. No answer arrived.

So you lean on the sill and sigh.

Odd Nug-hecho

"If indecision is your decision, I do not need your permission..."

Hesitant thoughts drip like honey over intoxicating rhythmic scruff in "Marry You".

Siobhan echoes in flow and ebb over an ardent sea of chords. Drums dribble out a tattoo, tripping from beat to novel beat. Bass booms in a hum, humongous. The soundscape in "Marry You" makes so much of a minimal subset of sounds, that much more seems present than there actually is.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

Wilson has us melting by song's end. Her voice works as water over sand in the mind, moving and smoothing away at edges until an innermost layer is revealed. The lyrics sound like thoughts; a voiced opinion penned in a diary. They're but a dream, there and gone in moments.

Give this song a go for a relaxing take on mellow rock tonality. It's warm, soft and soothing enough to set on replay for the day. Press play.

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