SINK Wraps Music With Emotion in "tangled"

Odd Nugget SINK tangled

Mixed messages melt into a mood in SINK's new song "tangled".

Eyes closed, "tangled" scores points in an imaginal game of digitized drama - tragic as it is amorous.


Lost, left in the dark.

Love does your heart violence.

Passion feels like pain.

SINK tangled quote

"I should've known... Despite your skin, you're not so tender."

Tense relaxation overtakes you in "tangled" as SINK shares thoughts like breadcrumbs to an abyss.

Bits waver in sonic space, parting and uniting as rippling reverberations. Echoes plot out distant surroundings like a sonar, beeping with the growing presence of emotion as the track moves forward. Weight, palpable, packs air to a pinpoint, roaring as it exhales at the song's end.


SINK sends shivers up your spine in "tangled" singing with self-castigating verve as he laments a relationship's anguished end. It's deep. It's dusky. It's teeming with danger.

Perfect for the professional romantic caught up in a crazy affair, "tangled" will mangle your mood and move you to listen again. Press that button below to begin.

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