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Sometimes, it's the little things that get you...

It's possible you've saved your own life making a small decision at some point.

Like going back to pet a dog...


Goosebump alert! These are some seriously strange Dog tales. Proceed with caution...


( Ongoing ) Cancer and other students was scared because of some paranormal activities in their hostel and their ward boy says that its normal , but things getting worse in 2 months .....

so everyone decided to call the famous paranormal investigator of galaxy city .

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My Dog is Scared of Something on the Next Street

I know there have been several issues where animals can sense stuff humans can not. We all know they have more keen sense of smelling and hearing than us. Would that extend to a paranormal sense?

My wife and I walk our dog once in the morning and once in the evening.

We live in a center of a neighborhood where we have a few streets behind us and a few streets in front of us and long streets to our sides that connect the entire neighborhood out to the larger cross traffic streets.

Often times our evening walks with her are in the late dusk to night time. Sometimes she freaks out when there is nothing there that is visible to us.

Now she isn't the kind of dog to bark at other dogs but usually will want to play with them or just curious about them. She doesn't even bark at the neighborhood cats. Also rarely barks at people, unless they are men wearing hoodies.

Our biggest issue is the street in front of us she absolutely refuses to go up to that street. When ever we try she will either whimper cry and pull away. So we don't force it.

The first time we noticed this she yanked back so hard she slipped out of her collar and ran back to our street.

A few weeks ago I was walking her in the evening and not paying attention to where we were walking as I was responding to some work emails on my phone and I went down the other side of our block and towards that street she stopped and noped it back to the other direction.

So I know it's not something at that corner as she knows that way both sides.

A few other times that we had gotten home late I walked her not in that direction but down another street she stopped and was staring at a brick wall like if someone was there then she cowered her head like if she was scared. I turned on my flashlight thinking maybe a small animal that I couldn't see but nothing except a brick wall.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with there dog?

Posted on Reddit by 4thdegreeknight.

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There’s a weird dog in my house.


So a few nights ago, I went to bed, I woke up sweaty and hot and picked up my phone. It was around 12:34 ish.

I can hear the chatter of a large dog walking towards my room. It stops, and I hear breathing.

I turn on my phones flashlight and and point it to the end of my bed. A big, fully white and skinny dog was standing at the foot of my bed, watching me. Out of shock, I cover my head with the blankets, and try to sleep. While I’m trying to sleep, I can still hear it breathing.

This keeps happening every single night, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t even want to go to bed anymore.

Do ghost dogs exist?

Could it be a hallucination??


Wtf, someone help me lmao

Posted on Reddit by No-Detail-579.

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I work in a training center for dogs that can smell rare incurable diseases

The chaos that happened when i brought my wife and newborn son for the first time was deafening

Posted on Reddit by ninjaenergy.

My grandma and her dog Biscuit died on the same day, so we buried them together.

Two days after the funeral, I found Biscuit's stripped carcass on my porch, along with muddy letters spelling MORE on the concrete

Posted on Reddit by silverrose654.

My favorite dog messing with me now that he’s gone

My dog died a few summers back and ever since then he would ring our door bell several times during the night. It’s exactly like how we used to do for him Bc it would make him bark. Yes, I used to bully my dog with a door bell, what about it.

Anyways now it seems he’s trying to get back at me after he died because it happens almost everyday and we’ve already moved to three different houses. I’m just gonna deal with it now, but I think it’s funny.

Everyone in my family hears it, it’s not just me. Even friends that stay over hear it.

Posted on Reddit by Natalator.

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