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The LDS Church Believes the Garden of Eden is in Missouri!.

But, wait...

Paranormal church stories like these are strange enough to pique anybody's interest. Take a look...


When a young boy moves to Scotland from London, he encounters a girl struggling to understand the darkness from within.

Or is it related to something much more malevolent and evil that is out of their control?

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Mommy and I dont normally go to this church because Daddys there all the time! said the boy to his teacher.

When the teacher ask him where his daddy was, the boy silently pointed to the priest at the pulpit.

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Door opens by itself in haunted church

So ghosts seem to seek me out if I'm in their vicinity. It's always been that way even if it's just a bad feeling. I always look for a logical explanation and sometimes that explains it but this wasn't one of those times. I worked for a janitorial company and two of my sites were owned by the same church and one was just a dance studio. The dance studio was freaky as #$@$. There was a door that didn't have a door knob and all that was in there was a piano and everytime I closed it when I came back it was open but that could just be wind. The mirrors upstairs would always have a handprint that i missed as im walking out which could be just me missing it but it just never felt right. Like I should have seen it earlier. For the first couple months nothing crazy happened. Just a general feeling of someone being there and voices. It's an old building and in the same parking lot as an apartment complex so I'm like its just people outside. Also people would randomly show up sometimes and I wouldn't know they were there so that would explain away footsteps or voices as well. So one day I'm finishing up and there's a door at the end of the hallway that had been closed the whole time I'm there. I had bumped into it with the vacuum on both sides of it so it was definitely closed all the way. I hear the door knob turn as im rolling up the vacuum cord so I look up expecting to see one of the dance instructors and the door slowly opens a little bit then just swings open the rest of the way like someone pushed it and no one was on the other side. I noped the fuxk out. Both of the sites had a lot of freaky $#!# happen but this one was the only one that I can say for sure was a ghost of some sort. A month or so later I told my boss I couldn't do it anymore. I was like I might just be crazy but either way I'm done lol

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20 Days to Prom

Having unanswered questions about her past, Aubrey has grown into a bitter and distant teenager.

Nevertheless, she lives her life by the rules as her community expects a respectable young lady to behave.

Until another voice in her head tells her otherwise.

Before she knows it, an unwanted entity takes residence in her body.

The sinister kind.

One day, she's tangled up in a weird situation and ends up agreeing to go to prom with the popular school jock.

Despite knowing that she's only being used to spite the ex-girlfriend, she can't help but succumb to his charm.

Little does she know that coming to prom with him leads to the discovery of her past; the story that has been buried under the silent water.


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[JUN21] As I wandered aimlessly throughout the church I had once had my wedding in, I came to a realization.

You don't haunt the place you were murdered, you haunt the place where your fate was sealed.

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I ran frantically to the church to warn them of the horrific abomination I saw in the lake.

"Monster!" A woman shrieks as I stumble into the hall of the congregation.

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Dark Vibes

Who says the devil isn't a woman? .

. . The World's been getting it wrong for eons, and Theodora's there to rectify each and every damn mistake, and it's not who'd you expect, but she's bringing the fire of hell with her.

Dark Vibes on Wattpad

I'll never forget these two paranormal experiences I had at church when I was 14.

When I was 14 years old, I went to a church gathering on Halloween night that was called "Hallelujah Night", a christian alternative to Halloween. My family and I would get there in the afternoon since we'd volunteer to help setup the booths, cake walk, candy barrels, etc. But I was mostly there to get first dibs on all of the candy.

After I finished helping with the usual booth I help set up, I took a seat on a bench near the main sanctuary. It was my favorite place to sit at since I could see the entire lot and most of all, the beautiful sunset. I pulled out my PSP and was scrolling through some music I had on it when some guy approached me and started a conversation.

I've never been a people person, so usually when things like this happen, I keep the conversation short. However, this guy had this weird type of warmth to him as if he was a friend of mine. As the conversation carried on, I started to ask him if he was new because I hadn't seen him before. He told me that he had been going to this church for years but left after an incident happened. When I asked him about the incident, he paused, looked at me and said that there's some things people pick up on that they know aren't normal. Also, that you should never get curious about things that you know you should leave alone.

I had a sort of confused look on my face since I didn't know what he meant at the time. The guy noticed it and said that I would understand once I get older. I looked down at my PSP that I had in my hands still and looked back up and the guy was gone. I looked around and couldn't find him anywhere in the lot except for a few people still prepping for Hallelujah Night. It didn't make any sense.

Fast forward to a few months later, I was sitting in the main sanctuary before leaving to do my usual volunteer work on the upper floor of the main sanctuary. The upper floor was a daycare area for kids. So at the end of service, volunteers would escort the children downstairs and I would go into each room shutting off the lights and making sure no children were still up there.

I'll never forget getting up to leave to do my usual duties when the pastor started takking about an upcoming funeral. I looked at the big screens on each side of the main sanctuary and the face of that of the man I was talking to during Hallelujah Night was there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. To this day it still seems unreal. I was beyond shook as I made my way out of the main sanctuary and to the flights of big stairs as I went to the upper floor.

Once I made it up to the upper floor, another volunteer had confirmed that all the children were escorted downstairs. She noticed that I had looked sort of pale from seeing what I saw in the main sanctuary and asked me if I was ok. I told her it was nothing and proceeded to cut off all of the lights on the upper floor as she left downstairs. The upper floor was like a giant hallway with doors on each side and a door at the end of the hallway with a giant window in it.

When I came to the last room at the end of the hall, I would always leave the blinds on that big window open since the light always illuminated the dark hallway and made me feel less scared. But as i left the room, I remember feeling panicked. It started freezing and I felt like if I left that room, something was waiting for me in the darkened rooms that was going to jump out and attack me. As I'm trying to muster up the courage to just run for it. I see a small head of a child peek out a couple of doors down.

It stayed there for a few seconds and then put it's head back in the room. I immediately called out to the child but no answer. The fear I had a minute ago was gone as I left the last room to go through the illuminated hallway. I made it to the other room in a matter of seconds, cutting on the lights and searching the entire room for the child I saw. But no one was there. I started getting spooked again as I cut off the lights in that room. Then one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen and experienced happened.

As I was leaving the room, I looked back at the last room's window which illuminated the hallway and out of nowhere, I massive black mass moved in front of the window. Almost covering the light completely. It was darker than black and it's outline as it covered the light seemed to be moving. It was enough to scare me to run for my life. I ran the rest of the hallway and down the stairs. I was stopped by one of the ushers who told me not to run but when I told him what I saw, he looked at me as if I was crazy.

Once church was over, I told my parents about what happened on the ride home and they ended up not believing me since they're skeptics. But I know what I saw that day and it's something that still scares me to this very day.

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