Simple Artwork Styles That Will Make You a Real Artist in No Time


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Massively successful artists like Grandma Moses achieved acclaim in the art world without a lick of formal training.

Brut art, or the artistic creations of individuals who have no formal art education, is a vastly varied distinction in the art realm filled with amazing work in tons of different styles. You don't need to be an expert to craft cool imagery.

Here, we'll cover a few simple artwork styles that will make you feel like every bit of the artist you already are. Read on to get started in art.

Pixel Art

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Although pixel placement might not have been your first thought when considering a starting point to get into art, it's a surprisingly powerful and flexible style to take up.

You can create this style of art in a multitude of mediums including virtual programs like Aseprite, physical Perler beads and even basic graph-ruled paper.

"Inuyasha Perler" by m0n0xide20

Inuyasha Perler

Acrylic Pour Painting

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Pouring paint may seem too simple a technique to truly make art from, but it is by far one of the most widely used top-level painting techniques of all. Some of the most valuable paintings of all time were essentially paint dripped carefully onto a canvas.

With acrylic paint, both curing process complexity and price are minimal, so you're free to experiment with blow dryers, blowtorches and more to help manipulate liquid pigments into something magnificent.

"Viscosity I" by Maurice Sapiro


Collage Art

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Cutting and pasting pictures from newspapers and magazines can be done both digitally and physically, but the results are as otherworldly as you aim to make them.

Pairing the real with the surreal through the use of this art style is particularly fun.

"Try This" by Jay Kelly

Try This

Each of the above styles and techniques can take you as far as you're willing to go.

You can create lovely pieces without putting in too much time initially, but you can also produce incredible things with consistency and practice if you're up for it.

The key is to jump in and give art a go. No matter where you're starting from, you can create great stuff with these simple artwork styles and progressively improve over time. Give it a try!

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