Silent Forum's "Robot" is Impossible to Turn Off

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Thoughts on modern life looking a lot like a robo-man's routine make Silent Forum's retro tune "Robot" really relatable.

Seems we're all feeling the call of the automaton...

Where, oh where has humanity gone to?

A problem solved is six problems earned.

A good long stint and no one's learned...

In time, our turn to fall will come too.

"I'm a robot... I'm just like you..."

With U2 in the strings and Talking Heads in the vocals, Silent Forum forge yet another awesome song.

Opening to the trepid whir of welded parts, "Robot" runs a bright batch of sounds as its boot-loader. A righteously retro assortment of guitars, drums and vocals make man of machine, moving light and sound around like currents through circuitry.


Clicky guitar clucks and clatters come the 2:20 solo mark as the beat charges and retreats with rocking regularity. Sounds switch sides on the outskirts of the mix too. A metaphor for disorienting routine, or just a solid song...

You don't need an 80's rock obsession to be a fan of Silent Forum. Actually, you only need to hear "Robot". Here; hear it.

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