Silent Forum Describe "How I Faked the Moon Landing"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Retro gleaming dream rock ignites the vastness of sonic space in Silent Forum's "How I Faked the Moon Landing".

Chirping guitars and lyrical rebellion conjoin to ecstatic, energetic excellence in this kicker.

"I don't want to be awkward..."

Slippery and wet in wind... Pool water's warmer.

It's been hours already. Hours tiptoeing on tile... Hours tiptoeing around her...

Now it's too cold to leave. You're stuck with each other. It's a decent problem to have...


"I tried it once I think..."

Loads of classic sounds involve themselves in this tune... "She Sells Sanctuary" and the Cure live on in the rhythm, Spandau Ballet masquerade in the vocals and A Flock of Seagulls traipse about all over the rest of it. Yes, it's really, really retro. And new.

Where the words are concerned, Silent Forum's spacey production describes the inner monologue of the grinding rock performer. The performer laments his limitations, his limitations become his strengths and his strengths become his sound.

Love this smashing track in all its glory, yesteryear fans of the future will. You will too. Enjoy!

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