Sigrid's "Don't Feel Like Crying" Will Give You Tears of Joy

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Pop singer Sigrid sews silky singing into upbeat overtones in her new single "Don't Feel Like Crying".

It's energetic reverie, dipped daintily in still waters of lyrical depth.

No thanks for trying...

No tears for dying. You're ahead of the curve.

And you don't feel like crying.

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"Wallowing in it would be such a waste..."

Sharp stabs on violin slice at tumultuous beats as "Don't Feel Like Crying" opens into its full progression. Emotional triumph serves as the track's lining, underpinning an otherwise straight-forward pop production.

Sigrid's voice carves its own space amongst the scattered elements of this song, unifying the mix, like rallying a harmonic army. Notes shimmer and shine on the sidelines. Kicks clutter in crevices. We're moving, anywhere, elsewhere.


Dynamics form foundation for "Don't Feel Like Crying" as verse sprints through chorus and coda. The pace is quick. The lyrics stick and it all sounds slick, to boot.

You needn't profess a love for pop to appreciate this bop. Put Sigrid's song through your speakers and you'll catch real feels for sure.

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