Sheye and Duke Davies Deliver Us Audible "Gold"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Jumpy 90's nuance in the beat and bold, smooth vocals combine to cool refinement in Sheye and Duke Davies's new tune "Gold".

It's easy listening synthpop paired with funky fresh feel, unforgettable.

A hint of chroma...

If hearts were art on vellum... Ink on a page...

You'd stage a grand auction to sell them.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"You don't have to ask and I don't have to say..."

Sheye show us an alternate dimension in "Gold" and Duke Davies gives it character, colorful as can be.

Trippy trick rhythm rebounds against blissful upbeat melody. "Gold" is a sonic world in motion. Urban antics abound in the sound, sending elements, disparate and unique, in all directions, yet distilling them to a neat new jack jumble.


Overwhelming passion forms an amorphous expression in "Gold," giving us the gist in cryptic lines and mad metaphors. Words fracture to frantic feelings; thoughts crystallize on the ceiling and cascade over the mix in razor-sharp shards - stalactites of love.

This song is just plain fun to listen to. A game of catch where our expectations are thrown and feels are profoundly caught. Feel your way to the play button and press it.

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