Sheltered by Seth Hilary Jackson's "Broken Promised Land"


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Seth Hilary Jackson holds ground with sound in his song "Broken Promised Land."

Simple Southern sound flirts with big stage rock in this track. Country meets the city to the tune of honest reflection.

"As we watch our firm foundation turn into shifting sand..."

Blue collars intertwine - forming a lattice over the asphalt; a net of souls...

You're caught in the tangle - swept up in the death march. A cliff marks the sidewalk's end. On a wave of lemmings you're borne over the edge.

Your eyes open to the sight of the subway station. You turn to the tunnel's exit and emerge to a better day.

"We bleed red, white and blue..."

Outspoken on societal injustices, "Broken Promised Land" fits patriotic pride's square peg into a crumbling society's round hole.

Seth sounds out an anthemic chorus with Springsteen style. His voice is moving, quivering with bittersweet thoughtfulness. It makes the song for me.

The sound is straightforward; no twists and turns. It irons out its message with integrity; honest and hopeful to its last breath.

There's a certain purity to this track's country side that paints its bleak message in sunnier colors.

You're sure to find a winner here if you're big on Bruce S.'s style, but even if you're not, this one's worth your while.

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