Shallou, Kasbo and Cody Lovaas "Find" Paradise


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Shallou's new tune "Find" tempts you into a quiet, expansive paradise of a song, fitted with a diverse assortment of sounds and mind-mellowing vocals.

This is an easy track to love. The island-vibe it invokes is instantly satisfying, albeit intriguingly otherworldly.

The full EP drops in late April, and with a track like this, it's definitely moving in the right direction.

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"I've been up all night thinking..."

Lost at sea, night sky overtakes you; meets an oceanic mirror in the darkened distance.

You're afloat on a sea of stars - riding waves through the turquoise mists of a nebula.

Light leaps on crests in a milky white trail to the moon.

You're lost, but not alone.

"...About you. About where I am going..."

Muffled xylophones and bright, crinkly snaps... It's the clarity of the myriad elements in "Find" that makes it amazing.

Harping on details, we can make out the dainty jingling of bells here, the soft rattle of maracas there... It's a full experience.

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Progression-wise, "Find" cuts no corners. No need to rush; it moves like water from each pool of verse to each rhythm-driven chorus.

An EDM enthusiast will make short work of falling in love with this one. Illenium fans might consider tying the knot and going exclusive with Shallou, Kasbo, and Cody Lovaas after this.

Listen and love.

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