Seven Oceans Take Us Deep Into Ourselves "The Long Way"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Uber chill beats treat us to sensual sounds in Seven Oceans' new tune "The Long Way".

Techno-tinged vocals float, breezy, over a groovy, rumbling expanse in this smooth soother of a song.

Consciousness; it's a light switch.

You're an itch, unscratchable. She claws, paws for purpose.

It hurts together, but it's worth it.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Every time you call me, it's random..."

Seven Oceans send us into an alpha state throughout "The Long Way". Sparse percussion pairs with padded synths to perfect effect.

Subdued sounds grind a groove with subterranean bass notes. A persistent kick disappears just as the chorus blooms, then booms in brief, boxy thuds. Over top, vocals drift, smooth as smoke, while a drenched soundscape melts underneath.


Love on two sides of the tracks... The narrative in "The Long Way" leads two halves of a heart together to beat in unison but for a moment.

"The Long Way" is chillest fare for your illest nights. Quiet crooning to cradle the mind and mellow the mood... Make it happen with a press of play.

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