Second Hand Poet Lets You Know "I'll Be Yours"

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Love, gilded in stringed glissando, gives Second Hand Poet's "I'll Be Yours" an amorous glow.

Quiet and calm amidst a storm of passion, this song sends you off someplace you've been missed.

Tucked away... Your thoughts dig you deeper.

You couldn't keep her if you tried. What's left has all but died.

The ghost of you won't need her.


"Feels like I'm weightless, but it's you who breaks my fall..."

Gentle melody cradles your heart in strings throughout Second Hand Poet's "I'll Be Yours". A lovely commingling of minimalist melody and moving lyrics make it an experience as much as a song.

Guitar gives every pause in this song a punctuation mark. Droning violin builds meaningful moments to moments, memorable. Poetic thoughts spritz depth over all like rain over ocean.


Worries melt under misty eyes as this soft song sifts through open air. Love is in the breeze. Trust is in the heart. Rescued by love... Lovely.

You won't have to reach out to be touched by this tune. You need only press play and stay a while.

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