Seanloui's "Naomi" Will Drown Your Brain

Odd Nugget Social-done

A passionate pondering meditation on heartbreaking change charms the ears in Seanloui's "Naomi".

Half-singing, half-thinking, Seanloui saves thoughts as fireflies in an open jar.

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Resting in rain. Water on the brain.

A wet armada bounds and drowns your thoughts.

Rinsing off... Washing off... Spraying off the pain.

You thought things were fine, but their not.

Odd Nugget Soc-done

"We've only lost our way..."

Pensive pleas step down silent corridors of the mind in "Naomi," begging questions, hands outstretched, empty and shaking.

Bass like thunder over plains and synthesized notes like wandering stars lost in night combine over and around a love-stricken dreamer's lyrics. This song is a heart being broken, broken beats splinter and spread, spreading out in echoes, the heart heals itself but retains a scar.

Dynamics are at the core of "Naomi". Each chorus is quiet. Each verse is a storm. We weather the chaos of the verses' cloudy outflows to contemplate the calm of the choruses' isolated eyes. It's great.

"Naomi" is an excellent musical option for completely chilling out. But, there's enough depth of meaning mixed in to busy the mind. Get busy relaxing and listen.

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