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Perú is a nation of ancient heritage. Its borders once contained some of the oldest major civilizations in human history - the Caral and the Inca Empire.

Over the centuries, a succession of empires have laid claim on the land, but its inhabitants continue to carry its ancient, lasting legacy into the future.

Perú's bounty of sculptors has brought about a wealth of beautiful creations you wouldn't want to miss. This brief lineup is but the beginning of a long list of impressive creators and their epic work.

Joaquín Roca Rey

joaquin roca rey peruvian sculpting master


This Peruvian sculptor is recognized as one of the nation's most important to date.

His impressive sculptures stand tall in several different countries, commemorating historical figures in fluid, purist detail.

Among his many creations are also numerous abstract forms in brassy tones, brimming with metaphorical meaning.

peruvian sculpture inca garcilaso de la vega by Joaquin Roca Rey


Roca Rey produced countless works and commissions of public art, one of the most famous being his full-length figure of Simón Bolivar (1970) on the campus of Universidad Simón Bolivar in Caracas.


amazing sculptural work by Joaquin Roca Rey of Peru


Grimanesa Amorós

Peruvian sculptor Grimanesa Amoros


Grimanesa's amazing artistic installations trace lines of light through space and sight.

Her impressive light sculptures are akin to a long-exposure image of a busy street, conveying movement and energy with modernized charisma.

Amorós's work has been put on prominent display in places as far flung as Tel Aviv and Times Square in NY.

Grimanesa Amoros uros house day sculpture in times square


As a Peruvian-American light artist, Grimanesa Amorós finds her inspiration in the synthesis of two different cultures.

She never gets isolated from the history of her home country and continues to make use of this heritage when creating her artworks.

Backed by the Peruvian legacy, Grimanesa’s style of conveying emotions and researching locations makes her installations world-famous.

Grimanesa Amorós

Ocupante sculpture by Peruvian sculptor Grimanesa Amoros


Jorge Piqueras

Jorge Piqueras a great Peruvian artist


Jorge Piqueras has made a lasting mark in the Peruvian art world and is known to have pioneered disciplines like geometric painting.

This artist's work has been displayed throughout Europe and, of course, in his homeland, Perú.

Piqueras has experimented with sculpture, collage, photography and more throughout his extensive career. His sculptures, in particular, catch the eye with careful attention to detail and subtle irony.

Uomo Seduto by Jorge Piqueras a Peruvian Sculptor


One of the characteristics that we celebrate the most of the teacher Piqueras is his decision to never repeat himself.

Never repeat the same painting and never stay in the contemplation of the previous painting.

It is not a voluntary decision,' warns the painter. 'Actually, I think very little about it. All my painting is felt.'


Jorge Piqueras Peruvian sculpture without a title


Cristina Gálvez

Peruvian sculptor Cristina Galvez


Cristina studied fine art and sculpting with great artists such as André Lothe, developing her own take on the techniques they taught her.

She returned from Europe to Perú with a bounty of imagination and technical skill which she quickly put to work creating her own art and teaching others.

Her work spanned disciplines and expressed a distillation of her emotions in fluid forms.

Caballo de agua sculpture by Cristina Gálvez


Once again in Lima, Cristina Gálvez begins her sculptural work by cutting a group of Ayacucho masks, which she tears open their eyes, as if in an attempt to cancel their expression.

Her particular way of feeling and doing (living) art would make a decisive impact on the new generation of Peruvian artists, including Margarita Checa, Nani Cárdenas and Luis García Zapatero.

And it is precisely in his home on Roma Street, in Miraflores, where the gatherings would be repeated over and over again until his death, 27 years ago.


Cristina Galvez Peruvian sculpture


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