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Some of the school stories that follow are bizarre enough to give you goosebumps. Consider yourself warned!


I am Samantha Quin.

I am a Hybrid.

Hybrids are fabled, dangerous creatures in the paranormal world.

Rarely ever created due to the riffs between breeds, Sam is especially strange.

The werewolf-vampire hybrid lived a comfortable life among a covenpack mix that allowed her to openly experience both sides of her, but once she turned sixteen, she was sent to South Haven.

South Haven is the best school in the country for the nonhuman.

Unfortunately for Sam, the rest of her world does not get along like she'd been taught.

Exposed to the hatred and violence caused by the tensions between breeds, Sam struggles to find her place.

And as if fitting in wasn't enough, she must also deal with not one but TWO desperate love interests and a war that's growing each and every day outside of South Haven.

Will she find her place? Will she meet "the one"? Can she stop the War before peace becomes so distant and impossible it pushes the paranormal back into the stone ages? Or will she fail? Unedited

Hybrid on Wattpad

I encountered a human-like entity with a large red mouth

For context I live in Southeast Asia and this happened many years ago. I was about 9 when this happened. This was not my first experience with paranormal stuff but it was the most unsettling. During my holidays, my parents sent me off to a short camp at an old school that has a dormitory built within its premises. We later found out the dorm was built near an old cemetery.

Everything seemed normal until the evening. I made friends with the other kids there and unfortunately, one of the girls staying at my dorm room (2 bunk beds, 4 kids) had to leave as her grandma was in the hospital. This left the top bunk of my bed empty.

I found it hard to sleep, being anxious away from home, and was the last one awake in our room. It must have been around 2 am when I started to feel really uneasy. It felt like the safety got sucked out of the room. I was laying down and facing the wall so I turned around to see if anyone entered our room. Instead, I saw a pale face hanging down from the top bunk staring at me.

Its hard to remember all the details but what stuck with me was its huge red mouth. It looked human except it had an abnormally large blood-red mouth and it was smiling. Its eyes were wide with what I perceived as glee. The entity did not come any closer to me but it stayed hanging over the bunk with that sick smile and started swaying. This made me scared to move past it as I sensed it did not have good intentions.

I had my phone with me so I called my parents to come fetch me as I did not want to spend another day there. My phones dial pad glitched a few times but eventually I was able to contact them and around 4 am, the camp leader moved me to another room. I had to stay the remaining two nights as it was part of their policy apparently but the other two nights were peaceful. I spoke to the two people staying at my first room and they said they slept fine.

I tried to search up what the entity could be but did not really find a conclusive answer. Does anyone have any theories? I also posted this on rparanormalencounters to try finding answers.

Edit: i spoke to my mum. she confirmed that the dorm was built ON a former cemetery ground not near a cemetery

Posted on Reddit by datura_rot.

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I think a made a mistake as a little girl.

Theres been this odd creature that has been following me for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years our relationship has changed numerous times and I cant figure out what to make of it.

When I was a little girl (no older than 5) I used to play with this creature that I named Shadow - since it reminded me of the Sonic character Shadow. It was like an odd between of a small boy and a cat. It had an almost human face with bright green cat eyes. It was bipedal, human hands with sharp claws at the end and was covered in black fur. We used to play games together all night and during the day but only when I was in a dark space like my closet. I remember that it would warn me about the other things in the closets that werent so nice. For instance it had told me to never go into the back of our downstairs closet since there was something horrible locked there. (Which was true and a story for another time)

Around the time I was in 3rd grade I moved back to my old home where the creature lived and every night when I turned off my lights I remember being terrified of Shadow, who now lurked underneath my raised bed. Id run to my bed and jump on as quickly as I could because I was scared hed scratch me or otherwise hurt me if I let myself linger on the ladder up to my bed. Needless to say we were not friends anymore. I'm not sure if he was upset because something else had taken up residence in my closet or because I had gotten older and stopped believing in my imaginary friend.

Around middle and high school I moved more and this time he followed me. Along with the thing that lived in my closet. During this time it felt as though we made peace with each other as I began to develop a story for him. I stopped being afraid and began to take comfort in his presence. I felt like he was protecting me from the thing that had now begun to torment me. He also started to take on a more cat-like appearance, sometimes appearing only as a black cat.

However, since Ive moved to college and havent thought ofseen much until recently. I feel like hes changed again. Now he seems bigger than he once was. He looms over me and has a wild look in his eyes. I feel like something has driven him mad and I often am scared when I see him. I dont think that he will hurt me because I still feel the good in him but I always feel like I need to run away from him.

What should I do? What is he and whats happened to him?

Posted on Reddit by Eros_Pyrkaeus.

Quenching The Thirst

What happens when a person whom you loved out of the blues comes backs and stands in front of you? Nandani has a crush on Manik Malhotra since her high school days and till now she had been committed to him.

A saga of one sided love which was not destinied to be true or is it? A tale of love mixed with the paranormal and vampirism.

Earlier know as My Childhood's Crush.

Quenching The Thirst on Wattpad


This story takes place around three years ago. I live in a very small town in rural Appalachia (Southeast Kentucky) that is home to a lot of folklore; primarily around an area of my town called Westwood. To give a little backstory on the area, and why its such a hotspot, the hillside that Westwood sits on was a field hospital in the later part of the civil war, wherein Union and Confederate troops were treated in the same area. So, the area is ripe with stories to tell. I dated a girl in high school that lived in Westwood, and being that my towns size all together is a little over a mile, I used to walk to her house quite often. One night in November, we had decided that we were going to walk downtown just to get a little exercise. The path that leads into town was once a railway that used to go through downtown, but since Ive been alive that rail has since been ripped up and paved over to create the walking path. Its around 11:30 when we leave, and we spend a little time just sitting and talking in town before we decide to head back home. On the way back up to hear house we hear what sounds to be a bell ringing. We stop and listen, thinking that it was a flag bouncing off of the flag pole in the confederate cemetery in Westwood. But then it hits me. The winds not blowing. She comes to realize that at about the same time and just look at each other. Then the ringing got louder and faster, so much so that people were turning their porch lights on to figure out what was going on. Ive never run so fast in my life. We spent a lot of time in the graveyard together. That was our place to go and get away from everything for awhile. A few days after this occurred we started paying more attention to the graveyard when we came through, and noticed a bell at the foot of a grave. Knowing that people were buried alive sometimes, and that the bell was meant to be rung if you were falsely pronounced dead, it was the first thing that came to my mind. It also couldve very well been someone messing with us, but something in my gut tells me thats not the case.

Posted on Reddit by OneChoice9848.

Death dreams

With relucants, I have decided to share another part of my life that I haven't shared with anyone besides my family and my husband. For as long as I can remember, I have had dreams right before someone passes. Most of the time it has been family members, but sometimes it has been people I don't know. I would first like to point out that my family is familiar with deaths. I say this because we have a large family and are pretty close with each other. My husband and I were discussing death and why we was so uncomfortabe with it and he shared he had only had about 5 people he was close to pass, were I had had 33 that my mother, father, and myself could think of.

I would have rather vague dreams about the deaths, but most od the time, due to the circumstances, I could decipher who it was. The two that stand out most are my grandfathers passing and my mother's cousin. My mother's father was a very hard working brick mason and would never show weakness. When he was a child, he and his brother had to have blood transfusions and both of them unfortunately got leukemia. My grandfather's brother chose to do chemotherapy and passed when I was two. My grandfather chose to take chemo pills and lived until I was ten. Like I said earlier, my grandfather was a brick mason and and very hard worker. He worked up until a week before his death and we all knew when he stopped working, that the cancer had gotten the better of him. For that last week my mother and her sisters called in hospice nurses, which are end of life nurses essentially. The night that everyone was sure it would be his last, my mother and father called my father's aunt and uncle to take us to their house for the night. My entire life I remember going to kiss my grandfather and tell him goodbye. I remember my great aunt and uncle being there to take us to their house for the night, but I never remember going to their house or waking up to go to school the next day. But I remember the dream I had like I was present in the room as my grandfather passed. In the dream I was standing at his bedroom door watching his breathing slow, watching his daughters coming in and out of the room, and eventually all of them gathering together as he took his last breath.

I would also like to point out that my mother knew about my dreams and came to except them. The day after his death, I remember my mother and father coming to the school to pick my sisters and I up. I still see her walking down the hall to meet us with absolute sadness on her face. I was the oldest and my sisters were still pretty young, so she looked down at me and said papaw had passed. I was confussed in my little ten year old mind why she was telling me this when I REALLY thought I was there. I told her "I know mom, I was there". She told me I wasn't there but asked why I believed I was. So on the way home I told her about my dream and I could see my parents exchanging glances in the front seat. Later in life, she told me my dream was accurate with the events that went on that night, but how do you deal with a child that has these dreams?

The next dream happened when I was a little older. I would say I was about fifteen or sixteen. At the time my mother's uncle was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. He was a very sweet man who was religious and loved to play the guitar. The one thing that stood out to me about him was his fingernails, that I thought for a guy were pretty long. The family knew he was pretty sick and his passing would be soon. I went to bed like normal with no discussion of his luming passing and hadn't thought about really. In this dream, I could see a casket, I could see an arm and my eyes slowly went down the arm to see long fingernails, but I could also see flames behind the casket. I woke up distraught. All I could think about was this very religious, very kind hearted, loving man going to hell. If he went to hell then I was not making it to heaven. I jumped out of my bed to talk to my mother about my dream. I flung the door open and she was already on the phone. She was upset and I thought I knew the news she was receiving. After she hung up the phone, before she could say anything, I asked 'it was (her uncles name) wasn't it?" She said "no, it was (her cousins name)". Apparently, her cousin and her husband had went to bed and sometime during the night her house had caught on fire and they had both passed. Everything in my dream came rushing back to me and it all made since now. The very feminine nails, the flames, all of it. I told my mother about my dream and how I thought her uncle had went to hell. I was bothered by the death of her cousin but I was still relieved that I didn't dream of someone going to hell.

Posted on Reddit by mamagrizzlyof3.

Raven in the Thorns Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe X Female Reader

Raven in the Thorns Edgar Allan Poe on Wattpad

help me out here please..

Ill make this as short as possible. Me and my friends used ouija board at our hostel when we were in school. Nothing moved on the board (as usual) but I got intuitions like how the person we were calling looked like. This happen a number of times and it was accurate to moles, their houses, the kind of glasses they wore, the walking stick etc. After a month when i got back home my mom came a cross a lot of paranormal stuff. Had the family and house blessed by a priest. Our neighbor too did a few prayers according to their beliefs. I have not seen the black figure but i did have a scratch on my back.

About 3 years later, I'm in college, and one night around 2 am as im walking to my room i see a black figure a lil far away maybe 30 meters or smthng . I actually saw it moving from one side to another, the place i saw this was very bright, there were tubelights and i could see the black figure properly. The next day my friends were making fun of me but later that evening we got a info from a friend that it was the first death anniversary of the girl who suicided in the women's hostel. This is incident 1 in college. 2nd one was shortly after this, a week later i guess. I was smoking in my room, scrolling through instagram, earphone on one ear. Towards the end of the cigarette i find myself saying "mm" as if I'm responding to someone talking to me. I then realise i am in fact hearing a woman talk to me and as slowly as i am coming to reality i am also sensing the black figure right beside me. I slowly dropped my cig and walked out of my room. I had that feeling if i get scared and react something could happen.3rd time, this is the first time i am actually seeing it properly and this close. Incident 2 was like right beside me but not facing. Sitting beside me. Incident 3 happen a few weeks later i was at my friends room bout to leave for my room. I remembered to tell something to my friend and turn around i see the figure. Lights were off but there was light from the window behind the black figure so she was like a silhouette to me.

( I am trying not to go too much into the detail as the question is priority)

2 years later, after college my friend and me were staying together. There my friend heard knocks. Once it was like someone just came and hit the door open. He thought i was goofing around, he comes to my room and finds me sitting with a cigarette. I have to say this, i witnessed the face change from a complete rage to shock to worry and astonishment. Once i saw my friend go to the restroom, 10 minutes later he again walks to the restroom i ask him if he is alright. It was 6 am and him using the toilet twice in 10 minutes was not normal..he told me that he just woke up.

Another time i was sitting i our hall alone, the lights were switched off and only a dim light was there . I slowly noticed i was so deeply invested in listening to a conversation. There was nobody else in the hall. And somehow i felt like there were people around the table sitting on the chairs and we were talking. Months pass, i feel a strong presence of someone outside my door. I open and and turn left and as i turn right i see the black figure a few feet away from me, i get back in and close the door. Played music in full volume and just didn't think bout it.

Another friend of ours came to stay with us..he too felt the same, like someone following him. Some black entity behind him and moving above him. My uncle came to stay with us, he too felt someone follow him. He asked about the knocks. We just jokingly tell them whatever it is it isn't harming us and as long as it does t harm us we are fine.

Its been almost 1 year since the last experience. I somehow was able to take this very lightly, like as if nothing had happened. Also now i am in Dubai so i am sort of passed that completely. What triggers it is, i somehow just know some very small personal things before it happens. An accident, sickness and health, a fight in the family, how an interview is gonna go, even temperature sometimes. At times what i say simply would happen. This is not just 3 or 4 or 5 times. This happens a lot more than even 20 .

What i am concerned is if this is somehow linked to the past. Has anyone else experienced this? A paranormal activity experience followed by really abnormal things like this. Like being able to sense what is going to happen?

Posted on Reddit by cprleader.

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