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Buying premium streaming services is practically the same as giving the school bully your lunch money most of the time, right?

With school ideas in mind...

School stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

Eye Enchanters

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but to Eye Enchanters, they're much more...

Izzy Brunn, a teenage girl with oddly purple eyes, finds herself thrust into a new world when an attractive new guy, Jake, arrives at her school.

After being taken to the Facility by the charming Jake and her best friend, Rose, she finds herself in a world of magic where your eye color defines you and your powers - and Izzy's eyes are something special.

She is taken to a school where Eye Enchanters learn to control their powers and must learn to use these new-found 'gifts' to defend herself and those she cares for; but how can she do that when she doesn't know who is out to hurt them? Eye Enchanters has been chosen as one of the Books of the Week for CBY Book Club.

Link: Cover made by GothicGirl Currently undergoing rewrites

Eye Enchanters on Wattpad

As I sat at my school lunch, and bit into a celery stick.

I realize it tasted like iron.

Posted on Reddit by AGloriousBear.

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I thought it was strange that my parents and siblings weren't home while I was getting ready for school

It was only as I approached the bus that I realized that the other students were being vaporized with each step closer I took

Posted on Reddit by Obeythis.

This Alien Soul

When Amber was just an infant an alien space ship crash landed in her small lake town of Mountain Lake, Georgia.

The aliens were isolated, a large settlement that was heavily guarded to protect the citizens of Mountain Lake.

Now with Ambers senior year starting, the decision had been made to start integrating the aliens into the community.

Amber knows she should fear the Zion Alien, Alek, who has started in her class, but instead she feels an instant connection.

Soon everything she thought she knew about herself and her world changes, will Alek be the rock she can cling onto?

This Alien Soul on Wattpad

I was so happy when i picked up my son from school

When i saw his gun and the bloody clothes, i knew he killed everyone i told him to kill

Posted on Reddit by 4ut1st1c_d1ck.

The gaunt father tickled his daughter and cried "I'm going to eat you! Nom nom nom"

As yet another rocket shook the earth and the adjacent building roared into a heap, he playfully declared "Stomp, stomp, stomp, better keep hiding!"

Posted on Reddit by frogontrombone.

Three Idiots and a Ghost

3 1 3 ...

idiots and a ghost! Cooper Smith, the clueless one.

Archer Lee, the awkward one.

Skyler Rose, the skeptical one.

And then, there's Rags, the dead one.

Can three total idiots really solve the great mystery surrounding the unexpected death of one girl? (3 Dudes 1 Paranormal Series 1) Important ranks: 1 in Paranormal, 1 in Idiot, 1 in Ghost Wattys2018 longlisted

Three Idiots and a Ghost on Wattpad

got my license in high school and had the most bizarre first day driving alone

So this happened a few years ago, I'm in college now. I still think back on it and laugh because of how weird the situation was.

I got my license when I was a senior in high school (a lot later than my peers) because I had crazy anxiety and driving made it worse and I hated showing up to school sweaty. Eventually I had to get it because I would stay later after school and my mom didn't want to drive to pick up my sister and then me later in two separate trips.

This particular day I was driving to school in the alone for the first time because I had stayed home from school until after lunch at about 2:00pm because of doctors appointments. It usually took me about 10-15ish minutes from my house to school depending on traffic, and on the way there were a couple of four way stop sign intersections and light intersections.

When I pulled up to the first four way stop intersection, a car coming from the left stop sign passed in front of me and the man driving the car was straight up brushing their teeth with a large white electric toothbrush. I thought this was hilarious looking, and I remembered it because I could tell I had the same toothbrush even from how far away I was just because it was so familiar to me. It was so funny at the time because I grew up watching Mr. Bean and I remembered an episode where he brushed his teeth in the car.

I continued to drive to school and came up to the final stop light intersection where I had a red light. That's when I saw a man driving his car coming from the right through his green light (completely different person and different car) and he was brushing his teeth with a big white electric toothbrush. I remember shrieking in my car alone because I was so stunned that I saw two people within the span of five minutes both brushing their teeth in their cars.

When I finally pulled into the school parking lot, I parked in the back row where all of my friends would park (we were all usually late so ended up there), and I pulled my car into a spot right next to my best friend who was sitting in his car, and when I put my car in park and looked over at him, he was sitting there, Brushing. His. TEETH. Mind you it wasn't an electric toothbrush, but still I was sent into oblivion by seeing him there, when he should have been in class, brushing his teeth.

I remember telling people about it for the rest of the day there and after I got home, and no one really seemed to believe me or care that that had happened, but I think about it all the time and it was such an odd time of day for it to be happening too that it just always stuck with me.

I'm so glad that happened to me, and thanks for letting me share!

edit: sorry for typos my keyboard is #&@$ed

Posted on Reddit by lvurenb.

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