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High school bands show school spirit by going to football games and supporting the team but football players do not show school spirit by attending band concerts and supporting the band members..

Moving on...

So, you're ready to read some weird school stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

Demon: Book 1

-Demon Series: Book 1- Aden Perri has problems.

The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits.

And proceeds to move on a little too quickly.

His friends disappear, leaving him to spend the summer alone.

His mother buys a dog.

Aden hates dogs.

The scar on his leg confirms it.

And his new job titles are garbage collector and toilet scrubber.

At least he'll be out in nature, excepted he hates the outdoors.

Aden's ready to barricade himself in his room, until school starts back up in the fall.

His mother won't allow it, and his father is ready to do some character building.

They drag him out and drive him to Beaver Lake.

His father loads him with a bucket and a mop and sends him off to clean campground toilets.

The local campers just laugh at the poor garbage boy wandered around picking up after them.

All but one.

One very strange, shirtless, barefoot boy who Aden will never understand.

But the boy makes it bearable, so he'll let him stick around.

It's not like Titus is really going to give Aden a choice anyways.

Demon: Book 1 on Wattpad

When I was in my senior year in high school, I found this weird bump on my neck but I didn't think much of it.

Now, I lay there, powerless, watching as the fungus grows and lashes its spores onto its next victim.

Posted on Reddit by CherriiBunBun.

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"THAT'S MY BOY!!!" he roared during the applause, overwhelmed at the kid's performance in the school play.

Scanning the crowd, he locked eyes with the boy's father and slowly dragged his thumb across his throat.

Posted on Reddit by hackyslashy.

Northern Ridge: Prequel

-Prequel to Demon- Xavier can't take it.

Rose just hopes they don't kill each other, And Northern Ridge is praying they grow up quickly.

Titus and Darius can't become adult soon enough.

It doesn't help their version of playing together is to see who can make the other cry first while ripping apart the cave.

The beta's son, Rupert is right there with them getting into trouble.

Their parents are just holding out until their of mating age, and praying that might calm them down.

A mate who can turn them into responsible men and good future dominants.

What a joke, that'll never happen.

Not with Darius leading this mini pack.

Northern Ridge: Prequel on Wattpad

At school, I was called the smelly girl and was severely bullied because of it.

But as I look at the decaying bodies of my former classmates, I say to myself, Look who smells now.

Posted on Reddit by SupesSad.

Being a high school dropout, I'm grateful that someone offer me a job even as a farmer.

The farm might even have a great working environment since it is named, "Happy Meat Farm".

Posted on Reddit by Mori-no-Ryuu.

What Lies in Aldon Forest

Max, Tyler, Janet and Holly haven't been to their favourite childhood get-away, Aldon Forest, for six years due to the horrific events that took place there six years back, deeming it forbidden.

Precious memories of nostalgia always draw their attention back to it and now that school has finished, the four of them plan to reclaim their second home once again only to find that it is not quite what they expected it to be when an evil presence threatens their lives and people start to go missing.

Warning: My characters enjoy using swear words frequently, please keep this in mind before reading.

What Lies in Aldon Forest on Wattpad

My son's science teacher said UFOS and Aliens are not real. What would you say to the science teacher? Aren't scientists supposed to be open minded?

What would you tell your son to reply to his science teacher as he wasn't sure how to reply. Should he just drop it?

And yes, I am the dumb parent. I'm not exactly angry. I am just disappointed. I'm not a scientist nor a teacher, but I didn't expect this flat out "it's a no" from a teacher. He must not watch the news? Am I wrong to feel this way?

Posted on Reddit by SupportMysterious818.

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