Saving Forever Make Musical "Memories" in Their New Tune

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Rebellious spirit and speedy vocals make Saving Forever's "Memories" more than memorable.

Youthful vim and pop rock vitality make "Memories" a must-listen.

It's like a lost track of time...

When your moment derails,

And you're not in your mind...

Out of it, and all that entails.


"We're making memories in the moment."

The spectrum breathes in expansion as "Memories" fades into earshot. Saving Forever spare no energetic expense in making the most of each moment throughout this song.

Melodic vocals lark over low-lying bass chug and clap-infused drums, yielding only a moment to bridge the gap between chorus and verse.


There's a lot of hip hop energy in "Memories" and it's most evident in each verse. Lyrics swoop soft under quick flashes of guitar buzz and synthetic percussion. Palm-muted rhythm simmers over boiling bass and then, as each chorus comes in, it all ignites.

Like bright lights, the vocals go effervescent. Like thunderclaps, the drums go full bore. In waves, power chords crash atop mounting bass melody. It's pretty powerful pop rock.

Check this track out if you like pop rock. If you don't, press play anyway. You just might love it.

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