Sak Luke, Romy Low and Jimmy Bad Boy Bring Us "No Te Quiero Querer"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Tasteful sabor and a pointed take on modern love, or the lack thereof... Sak Luke, Romy Low and Jimmy Bad Boy put on quite a show in "No Te Quiero Querer".

They say they don't want love, but we don't buy that!

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Lasers. Lights. Action.
No satisfaction for a heart half-hidden.

You're getting in over your head.

A bed. A door. You always want more.

"Si quieres juegos vamos a jugar..."

Pleasure over ardor and fire over feelings frame "No Te Quiero Querer" as social commentary as much as music for a party.

Classic reggaeton rhythm reverberates amid a punctuated bass and bangs up against synthetic stabs in a sonic swirl of energy. Entrancing; it's hard to stop dancing.

The lyrics are front and center, center-soaked and doused in digital tuning. All voices combine to quality choral effect. Bright. Bold. Highlighted and harmonious. It's definitely apt as party material.

If you're up for dancing, this is for you. If you're up for a musical mirror for modern love, this is what you're after. Listen for yourself.

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