Sailor Beast Marks Her Spot With "My Favorite Ex"

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Eerie EDM experimentation for intrepid audionaughts... Sailor Beast's "My Favorite Ex" joins lots of dots.

Hard, dub, tribal, synth, anthem, classical... All colors of the rainbow find foothold in this daring new track by budding producer Sailor Beast, and the result is mesmerizing.


Knee deep in sleep, a shadow befalls you. Drowning in a dream, you can't wake up.

Myriad memories flood your eyes in a tide. Mouth open to scream, you let them inside.

Screenshot from 2018-04-23 10-41-09-done

"My Favorite Ex" comes clicking in with ticks and tocks - keeping time for a growing swirl of elements to sync in sway.

There's a gentle overall feel to this, with a hint of implicit urgency as things rev up. There are some heavy box-banging beats and stomps here, melodic musings there and a general sense of sensible senselessness all around.

A story is told through detailed dynamics. It passes from deep dark pessimism, through pensive minimalism, to anthemic euphoria. Neat.

Will you love this track? Impossible to say. Press play.

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