Sail By Summer Will Brighten Up Your Day With "Facing Dullness"

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Sail By Summer's sweet new single "Facing Dullness" gives a great glimpse of what's to come from the duo.

Upbeat, melodic math rock as fresh in sound as fallen snow, sunlit, is in sight.

Bluest of blue... No land in view...

You're on a trip, but your ship isn't moving.

Sinking, swimming, sinking, submerging...

Walking the floor towards a place you once knew.

"...Your soul is your token."

At its intro, "Facing Dullness" embraces us with warm synthesized arpeggios. As the song progresses, it opens up to choral melody and a wealth of detail so dense it deceives the senses, seemingly moving as a single wave.

Noise rock retro squeals, purrs and whines give the guitar sounds in this song a certain something you'll want to keep around.


There's an abundance of movement in "Facing Dullness," kinetic yet calm. Boisterous yet mellow, Sail By Summer set us afloat on a tide of tempestuous harmony. Swirling sonic chroma creates a whirlpool of sound, and we swim at its center.

Take a moment to melt into this song. It's prog. rock at its finest, with all the sweet little touches that made the genre so enticing and more. Set your crosshairs on the play button.

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