Rymdeko's "Björkö" Is Out-of-Body Abstract House

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Like losing your sense of self in empty space, electro duo Rymdeko's "Björkö" brings you out of body on a journey, endless.

Fat, warm synths buzz at your periphery over non-lethal scatter-shot rhythm in this abstract house track.

What goes around comes running.

But, you're running from a truth.

Distracted by the humming...

Now you're clenching at the tooth.


Neon grids and deep dark static stretch out at every angle in the mind's eye as "Björkö" builds ambiance on airwaves. Abstract is the experience that is this song. Simple are its subtleties, yet successful is its overall sound.

As a house track, "Björkö" maintains a linear course from chorus to verse and back, traversing a 4-on-the-floor railway of rhythm. Its intensely retro feel comes almost entirely due to the use of classic synth sounds.


Bigness, brightness and movement manifest in the form of sawtooth synths. Liquefied low-spectrum sounds splash and spread in droplets as an arpeggio bass line persists. It's peace and tension put together.

House music fans will find solace in the many sweet reverberations in "Björkö". The uninitiated to house sound can also get into this tune, though. So give it a go.

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