Ryan Bronson and Dylan Reese Waste No Time in "Waste My Time"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Tantalizing trap overtakes the mind as Ryan Bronson and Dylan Reese address emotional elephants in "Waste My Time".

In "Waste My Time" time tiptoes to the ominous tone of dubious commitment.

So much to think about...

Little left for a dream.

Drifted out of your depth...

In love beyond your means...


"I apologize if I came on strong."

"Waste My Time" throws sounds around to surprising effect. Percussion cranes, clicky, overhead. Big brooding bass breaks the floor underfoot. Sopping wet waves of melody meet in splashes all around.

Ryan shatters his vocals into words, weaving an intricate stream of consciousness in circles around a central theme. Illusions of love and being led on lay foundation to his focus throughout. Thrust in the center of this scenario, we bob and bounce at the mercy of his moving mind.


The chorus comes in like clarity, carrying energy from verse to verse while maintaining autonomy as its own thing.

"Waste My Time" is no waste of time to eat up with your ears. It's solid sound for vibing and very easy for rap lovers to love. Love on.

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