Ronny Morris's "Windows" Will Open Up Your Mind

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Alt. Rock with an existential bend... Ronny Morris's "Windows" wakes the mind as it stills the heart.

All the meaning of modern music comes casual, footing midtempo movement under a fog of feel-good harmony.

Telltale signs catch a glimmer of light.

Hope like a lamp. Time like a sieve.

You live with a ghost. Ignis fatuus...

What comes after us? You hope no one's right.


"Dealing with the pain that follows..."

An easy pace puts your edge out to pasture in "Windows". Like a leisurely drive in the countryside, this track takes you back to a place of peace.

There's definite Travis tone in this song's sound, and enough Eagle Eye Cherry to save tonight. Far from a mere derivative tune, though, "Windows" proves the concept and capacity of laid-back rock listening with its own dynamic touches.


Round the edge of the 3 minute mark is a switch-up. Come the chorus, acoustic plucks prickle the mids and each verse traverses a bass-lead byway. By the way such subtleties are structured, it's nigh on impossible not to succumb to zen.

For a chance at stilling your mind a moment, this tune is ideal. Press play on "Windows" and the works of Ronny's full album "Sweet Silence" with zeal.

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