Robert Ranson Teaches Us How to "Move On" in Rocking New Track

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Classic rock flair with new nuance as a breath of fresh air... Robert Ranson's "Move On" is electric in style and surefooted in feel.

There's grit in this. There's grace to this. And for fans of face-melters, there's definitely a place for this.

Lend me your ears and...

I will blow your little mind.

It's high time you heard.

"The rules they play by are a crying shame..."

Robert Ranson reaches rock God heights in "Move On," laying energetic melodies over solid harmony throughout.

Lightning licks on guitar charge the atmosphere throughout this track, waxing in wordless poetry over dense, driving rhythm. Drums skip and leap with booming bass notes as vocals call to distance. We're on the move.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Robert offers up a heaping helping of bluesy, riveting rock in "Move On". An ode to the old with a touch of the new, doused in all the righteous rock sound you could ask for...

"Move On" is straight-ahead rock decked out in solos and infectious rhythm. If you're up for all that, press play and enjoy it today.

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