Riddled by Cowboy Raw's "Right Here"



Pittsburgh rapper, Cowboy Raw, spares no experience in his track "Right Here."

Seething with sorrow and bleak dystopian outlooks, Cowboy's thought-provoking new track trains crosshairs on American societal hypocrisy - exposing the dim-lit alleyway of reality one word at a time.

Opening to scratchy piano on vinyl and ironic pledge of allegiance material, "Right Here" sets the stage; dusty, dirty and grim. Cowboy counts the ways the system victimizes its captives under his breath - sinking into shadow with every word.

"Only in America."

Red lights. Blue lights. Wailing sirens mesh to music.

Your knees buckle into mud at the sight of it. Stretchers roll out your front door; a dead procession. A dead parade files into an ambulance.

The crowd is confusion, confusion a mix of emotions you can't comprehend at present. On the doorstep, your flag still waves. No one's left to see it.

"Land of the locked up... Home of the slave."

"Right Here" feels like Immortal Technique's "Dance With the Devil." It's cold, foreboding and steeped in harsh truth.

The subject matter steals the spotlight, but Cowboy Raw's flow is obvious and admirable.


Cowboy rolls lyrics over the 5th Element's slow beat, placing poetry like stepping stones across a swamp of despair.

Looking for hip hop with depth to drown in? "Right Here" is the deep. Dive in.

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