René Flores and Alan Shepard's "Te Quiero (Pa' Mi)" Will Make You Move Immediately

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Intensely chill vibes abound in the sound of René Flores and Alan Shepard's "Te Quiero (Pa' Mi)".

This track is pure dance floor flair with a dash of reggaeton rhythm.

Find your way back out...

Of forest, labyrinthine.

To blue beach and surf.

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"Eres dulzura con locura; de eso no hay duda..."

"Te Quiero (Pa' Mi)" pits René Flores's sultry singing against a dusky dance beat. There's powerful pop influence coursing through this, tempered with surgical percussion.

Flores frisks the spectrum with deeply intoned vocals, rousing a sparse spattering of auditory elements to motion. Insistent groove gains ground on the soundscape as synthesized horns herald each chorus's coming. Brief drum breaks split hook and verse apart at the seam for keys to command the rhythm at mid-spectrum.

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Love, demanded, and passionate restraint color every note of "Te Quiero (Pa' Mi)," incensing the senses with dark dance floor magic.

Flores has a full-blown banger in store for you in "Te Quiero (Pa' Mi)". Press that button below and you'll see.

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