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Stores that play 80s music over the PA system so millennials hear the songs they grew up with are probably going to play dubstep at some point..

Moving on...

Dubstep music albums are the best when you need to lose yourself in some new sounds. Try these ones out...

BLAK'D OUT - New World Order (EP)

New World Order (EP) by BLAK'D OUT song img

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Static by Pugilist

Static by Pugilist song img

Label: Banoffee Pies Records

Artist: Pugilist

Title: Static

Catalogue Number: BP019

Genre: UK Techno Dub Down Tempo Garage

Release: February 2022


1. Deja Vu

2. Future Retro

3. Static

4. Sky Blue

5. Illumination (digital exclusive)

Banoffee Pies Records 19th release in the Original Series lands with a very special solo EP entitled "Static" from Melbourne based ProducerDJ, Pugilist. Alex has been making incredible selections of bass infused, UK and Dub tinged music for many years. A fitting welcome on BPR as the label hits it's 8 year anniversary since its inception in 2014. The platform continues to evolve with an ever growing number of releases representing different sounds across its sublabels and many blossoming side projects... more

Static by Pugilist

- Dysphemic - Zeus Full Album (MysticDubstepGlitchDrum Bass)


The Treweeke brothers, the sons of the great late Vernon Treweeke, release this heavily charged full length, delivering heavy ethnic bass as par with Gravitass standard of banging dance music. The musicality on this LP is truly awesome and the duo delivers hypnotic timeless bassaults on your domes. Bar Chamberlain, I cant think of any other artists who do this ethnic glitch-hop sound as decently as Dysphemic does, or at all, and that is definitely a praise-worthy aspect of the artists work. The LP also provides some psychedelic neuro drum n bass n drumstep moments, binding everything that passes off as heavy electronic music and fusing it with Yianis soothing guitars and Dysphemics beatsmithery. Definitely a godly enough release from the Treweeke boys to deserve the title, Zeus.

Artwork: Seth Grym

Animation: Samaya


00:00 Dysphemic - Phoenix Ft. Yiani Treweeke

04:29 Gravitas Music Dysphemic - The Hunted

08:05 Dysphemic - Snake King ft. Yiani Treweeke

12:55 Dysphemic Vodka Demon

16:55 Dysphemic - 8 Bit Yogi ft. Yiani Treweeke

20:38 Dysphemic - Space God ft. Yiani Treweeke

24:58 Dysphemic - Assassin

29:09 Dysphemic - Pharoah

Follow the white rabbit..

Obliviously Aware said: 'Dysphemic is now 1 on my personal list!'

Zachary Kalinowski said: 'Wow. This is sick. Thank u Shive and Dysphemic 3'

Tedzee said: 'This album is like a giant hardcore spychedelic cake on fire falling from the sky for 34:27min...

and people under it escape before it toutches the ground :3''

Dysphemic - Zeus Full Album (MysticDubstepGlitchDrum Bass) by

Terror Management EP by Mesck

Terror Management EP by Mesck song img

Gramatik - Water 4 The Soul II

Water 4 The Soul II by Gramatik song img

VIP Edits Vol.1 by Toumba

VIP Edits Vol.1 by Toumba song img

Celebrating the last Bandcamp Friday of the year with a pack of high-energy club-focused dubs and edits that I've made for shows over the past few months

Best enjoyed on a large sound system with a glass of Arak in one hand and a Marlboro Gold in the other.

VIP Edits Vol.1 by Toumba

Songs - Music Is Elation's Blissful Island Vol.2

Songs Music Is Elation's Blissful Island Vol.2 song img

Make sure to check out these amazing artist by clicking the links underneath to visit there main soundcloud pages! And most importantly, enjoy!

pacman-mic-mastery clubfungus sanna-4 lillithe petri-kiviniemi couch-king-presents jazzyxxxm mirandafoxx time2cclear anneaude-bonnet mrinal-desai wild-christopher-lyrics kingpresidente nrj-1 hashtagsufi westfront beatz4thestreets suggiesugindabuilding cyba-1 junkorbit samprock celestial87 rovingsexgang alex-sandor-horvath milanmusicuk nathalie-b20 milanazilnik jaywalkerblack loveequalsomnipotence syntaleta tina-fisher-1 infinitebey ktmulholland mokito d-j-karouh melly-jade loco-motive-artist jack-tahbaz sirus caedmonrigby she-s-excited flo-tmusic mr-bjorn-1 jamyork17 vinny-hartmann jay-reedswe bluecherrykiss d-j-ace-muciz chris-pendergraft gmwfforest belial-pelegrim fatalexc3pti0n mrsrhymes the-exper-t artistsanonymouscollective lastmeasure delorang-remixs-1

Follow the main Music Is Elation Soundcloud page here music-is-elation

Follow Music Is Elation on Facebook here www.facebook.commusiciselation

Cover Art clubfungus

Music Is Elation's Blissful Island Vol.2 by Songs

- DJ Snake Greatst Hits 2021 Full Album DJ Snake House, Bass, Dubstep, Electro Remix

Astor Playz said: 'Love this Music Playlist

KiminoToriko said: 'If you don't move your body while listening to his music you are not a human'Tashmi Vimansha said: 'Wow love that'

DJ Snake Greatst Hits 2021 Full Album DJ Snake House, Bass, Dubstep, Electro Remix by

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