Refreshed by Dave Zup's "Get Fresh"



All mixtape style and throwback thrill. "Get Fresh" is the definition of short and sweet.

Dave scuffles all over a smooth beat reminiscent of NWA's "Express Yourself" days. A new school take on an old school ideal, "Get Fresh" treats us to a funky foray into the subtle art of groove all in less than 2 minutes!

Who you know fresher than Zup?

This is sidewalk skating in Cali sun. It's a game of pickup in the parking lot.


"Get Fresh" is the sunny side of urban life with a chill twist.

I'm pleased with the outcome...

The buildup of elements is a swell swell - climbing up into a chorus so clean you'll want to hear it again. And again. Yes.

Quick hat tilts and knowing nods abound as Dave rolls into the groove with reckless abandon. It's good stuff.

Zup is Mac Miller with revitalized flow. He stomps "Get Fresh" with flair uncommon to our current crop of rappers. I especially appreciate his use of the arrangement itself. He never really spits over the song; instead, it's integrated into his rhymes as he goes with its flow. It's a subtle touch that works wonders for such a short track.

"Get Fresh" is the only introduction to Dave Zup's work you'll need to be a fan. It's got a sweet vibe to it that's infectious as a smile and arresting as an earthquake.

Suffice to say, you listen once, you listen again.

Check it out and get fresh!

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