Red Telephone Drop Us Off in "Victoria Park"

Odd Nugget Social-done

A park visit plays like life in a yellow submarine... Retro leanings lend Red Telephone's "Victoria Park" an air of abstraction from the everyday.

It's a matter of memories that makes this tune bloom.

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A dream, you're traversing.

A song, you are singing.

A sight you can hear and a tune you are seeing.

You're happy and hopeful, so long as you're dreaming.


"Victoria Park, you had my heart all through the years..."

Old school verve and analogue vibes vibrate the air like a low-tempo fair in full sway over "Victoria Park's" play time. A parade for the senses it is. Guitar chords keep cadence under a host of slippery solo sounds, locked in step with a pacing beat.

Moving at a march, Red Telephone reminisce in this, their new retro tune. They channel prime Beatles in the best of ways, waking the sleeping song style from remission for a modern manifestation.

"Victoria Park" is the perfect thing to satisfy your psychedelic sweet tooth. Rock rolls mellow and musing; musing and meandering, Red Telephone round the sonic edges of the song in soft sound - a sound that's blissfully melancholic.

Nearing song's end, rhythm wrinkles and melody strays to near dissonance before backing back into formation for the finale.

This is grass-sprawling, cloud-counting, strum-yummy goodness you can daydream to. Do listen.

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