Rebel Kuzco Stirs Up the "Juice"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Rebel Kuzco rushes into earshot with a slew of rhymes and reason to brag in "Juice".

Cold lines, cool melody and a seriously chill vibe...

"This what legend's made of..."

Slow rolling convertibles. Caravan cruising the night.

Passersby lounge in lights. The air is chill, but the scene's ignited.

You pull the keys and release the wheel. Exhaust drifts and legs shift.

A doorway swallows you to spit you back when it's bright.


"With or without your support..."

Minimal melody, melodic chants in the air and serious airs of superiority superimpose Kuzco's style on "Juice".

This beat is quality. Deep as whales, dark as depths... All trap and to the point, "Juice" is a quencher.

Beneath the beat, twisted and contorted is the bass. Growling and lurching at the lyrics...

Lyrically, it's clear Rebel's feeling himself here, and his flow is on point. Vocal dynamics keep you focused on his words and each line jibes well with the rest of the beat. He's got the juice, and he's keeping it too.

"Juice" is a trap-head's refreshment of choice, so swig this and enjoy.

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