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If you're tired of searching the web for real-time strategy games worthy of your time, the few that follow will be well worth a peak...

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 video game Developed by Brilliant Game Studios and published by Brilliant Game Studios

Developed by Brilliant Game Studios and published by Brilliant Game Studios

Welcome to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator in existence! Create eye watering battles with hundreds of thousands, and even millions of characters on screen! Sandbox mode will return, with infinite army sizes and far greater flexibility than ever. Command your armies in RTS mode with full drag select army control, or get the job done yourself and play as any one of the units in 3rd or 1st person. In coming updates for early access, jump into multiple story and player driven campaigns or make your own and share them with your friends! FPS invasion will also be returning soon, where you play through the eyes of a soldier fighting off hordes of zombies in first person.

Lets not ignore the elephant in the room! UEBS2 features revolutionary new crowd rendering and AI technology which uses pure GPU POWER to bring nation size battles to life! Witness the first game to fully utilize full GPU acceleration for every AI individual and all the technology behind the crowd tech. UEBS2 handles 100 times more characters on screen than its predecessor, and in far greater detail and quality. Details were not ignored, every individual has highly advanced decision making and animation, all while working together for a greater goal. We are also working hard on our own 'mass' GPU physics engine. Our hope is to bring physics to a scale never before seen, which may allow thousands of ragdolls, and millions of physics based objects. Keep in mind, our physics engine is in very early development so we can't make any guarantees.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 video game Developed by Brilliant Game Studios and published by Brilliant Game Studios video screen

More about this game here.

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Keep On Top Of It

Keep On Top Of It video game by kypello

Made by kypello

For me, one big struggle with game development is balancing it with school. This game is my attempt to capture the feeling of working on a game and schoolwork at the same time.

Switch between areas of the game by clicking tabs at the top of the screen

Your grades slowly go down over time if you neglect your work

Complete homework assignments to raise your grades, although wrong answers could lower them too

Get your game complete before time runs out!

This was a game made for the first Blackthornprod Game Jam. The theme was "Game Development".

MUSIC:"Basement Floor" Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Update 191221

I had a minor privacy issue with the original build of this game, so this is a reupload

Keep On Top Of It

More about this game here.


Riftbound video game Developed by Barrel Smash Studios and published by Barrel Smash Studios

Developed by Barrel Smash Studios and published by Barrel Smash Studios

Made for PC - No Microtransactions!

Choose from more than 40 spells, evolutions and combos. From powerful destructive spells, to tactical spells that stun, interrupt, block and push enemies for ultimate lane control.

Use more than 30 gameplay-changing upgrades to optimise your strategy and complete the hardest difficulty.Stall enemies to control the flow of battleInterrupt powerful enemy attacks with tactical spellsSummon elementals from the five schools of magic into battleEvolve your elementals during battleTactical spells to slow, stun, push and destroy your enemiesUpgrades to adjust your strategyCampaign story of more than 50 levelsReal Time Tactics with battle pauseBurn, zap, freeze explode enemiesEntertaining enemy ragdoll deaths!Evolve your Elementals during the battle to adjust your strategy and create a formidable defensive force.CAMPAIGN STORYPlay through a story campaign to meet new allies and discover new spells as you adventure through the world under siege by an invading undead legion.ENEMIES BOSS FIGHTSComplete more than 50 levels as you face increasing challenges. Defeat a variety of enemies each with different weapons, abilities threats, and engage in intense battles with the tough boss captains that lead the enemy army.MASTER THE ELEMENTSPut your skills to the test with multiple difficulty levels (including a casual mode if you just want to relax). Master advanced techniques such as spell interrupts synergy between elements as you unlock all Steam Achievements.


Riftbound video game Developed by Barrel Smash Studios and published by Barrel Smash Studios video screen

More about this game here.

Retro Commander

Retro Commander video game Developed by Noble Master LLC and published by Noble Master LLC

Developed by Noble Master LLC and published by Noble Master LLC

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS). Take command and fight it out in a world where a cataclysmic timeline has transpired on Mother Earth. Wage wars solo, against the AI, or take on your gaming comrades and friends in cross-platform multiplayer matches. Form teams and clans and fight co-op style with the AI and other players for ultimate victory.

As opposed to other real-time strategy game, Retro Commander tries to focus on both, a fun single player and a thrilling multiplayer experience. The game strives to be easy to learn with a modern user interface. Single player comes with skirmish matches against the AI as well as a comic-based story campaign. Multiplayer can be played cross-platform and includes a ranking and rating system.

Post-Apocalyptic: Real-time strategy (RTS) played in a post-apocalyptic timeline on Mother Earth. The environment includes day-night cycles, rain, snow, wind and solar flare activity.

Story Campaign: Deep campaign and story line of humanity after a cataclysmic event. Factions come with their own specialized technologies such as stealth, robots, drones or shields.

Single Multiplayer: A challenging AI for both single and multiplayer matches with co-op play. Cross-platform multiplayer including LANinternet. ONLINE play comes with an award and rating system.

Play Modes: In addition to regular skirmish matches, the game supports missions such as elimination, survival, capture the flag, defense and battle royale. Available in both single and multiplayer also are escort and rescue missions.

Structures Troops: Common troops for land, sea and air warfare is available to all factions. Specialized elements such as stealth, shields, EMP weapons, nukes, portals, orbital weapons, assimilator and other troops and structures provide for additional variety.

Modding: A map editor is included allowing for player-modded maps including player-modded campaigns. All elements including troops, structures, as well as graphics and sound effects, can be modded if desired.

Although some troops are shared, the game is trying not to be a generic RTS-games. There are faction-specific technologies each with their strengths and weaknesses.

GRA Technology: gives access to stealth and cloaking. Included are cloaked agents and spies as well as bombers with EMP and nuclear weapons. Available also are snipers and heavy airlifts. Can build uranium fabricators.

ELC Technology: provides robots, airships and robo dogs. Available also are a mechanic and heavy airlift. Can build stationary EMP-field generators.

IDB Technology: provides hovertanks, drones including EMP-field drones and drones equipped with napalm weapons. Can build fusion generators for power.

Mayan Technology: consists of decoy capabilities. Included are hologram tanks, transformers, dogs and dolphins. Can build portals.

Ancient Technology: provides shields, EMP soldiers, assimilators and napalm tanks. Can build matter fabricators.

Downloadable Content (DLC): This is not a free game but comes with downloadable maps. You can unlock all the maps via a one-time payment of "All Maps Modding". It includes everything for single player including the story campaign, skirmishing against the AI or LAN-play with friends and family.

No DRM: There is no DRM in the game. You don't need to connected to the internet to play single player games or the campaign. You don't need to be logged in to play LAN games either. You don't need to login either for WAN games (locally hosted games over the internet), but you will have to work out your router settings and do the appropriate port-forwarding so your friends can connect from remote.

Retro Commander

Retro Commander video game Developed by Noble Master LLC and published by Noble Master LLC video screen

More about this game here.

Ovus Nova

Ovus Nova video game by Jonas Tyroller

Made by Jonas Tyroller

Ovus Nova is a simple strategy game about hatching creatures in space! Duplicate or detonate your units in order to achieve victory!

This game is still under Development! There are bugs, placeholder graphics and all of that good stuff. You should still be able to play and (hopefully) enjoy yourself with this unique and challenging real-time-strategy game, though.

What you need to know:

Use the left mouse button to turn your creatures into eggs. Eggs split into two creatures after a while.

Use the right mouse button to detonate your creatures. That deals damage to enemies.

Your creatures are not vulnerable to enemies, but your eggs are.

Kill all enemies in order to win.

Press Space to pause the game. You can still detonate and duplicate your units while the game is paused.

Advanced stuff:

The Alt Key can be used to speed the game up.

At the top you can see a bar that fills up over time. When it's full you can select an upgrade. It fills up three times as fast if you don't have any eggs on the screen.

Here are some additional Buttons you can use in this build:

Esc End Game

R Restart Level

N Next Level (Cheat)

I document the entire creation process of this game on YouTube. Here is how the game looked when Igot started:

In order to find an art style, Icreated 4 completely different looks. After that my little YT community and me simply picked the best one:

In case you're interested in either my game or game development in general, I recommend you check my Channel out. ;D

YouTube:have fun playing and leave a ton of feedback! Thank you and have an amazing day! :D

Ovus Nova

More about this game here.

Heroes Rally

Heroes Rally video game Developed by lanqing game and published by lanqing game

Developed by lanqing game and published by lanqing game

A disaster strikes the hero, choose your representative to fight, bring your most proud defense equipment, and defeat the demon army that is making a comeback with the reunion of the demon king!

A large race that blocks the human race in the city area defense of races, elves, dwarves, and other holy kings.

Summon reinforcements, summon magical creatures, command the heroes who fight against you to save the field, lead the demons and the demon king, complete the mission of guarding the continent, and seal the resurrected demon king again.

Far more than ten legendary heroes, a variety of defense towers and tower skills that enhance power, a variety of different tower types, and free defense tower arrangements.

With the guardian of the game, you will find hidden bonds with towers, towers and towers.

Heroes Rally

Heroes Rally video game Developed by lanqing game and published by lanqing game video screen

More about this game here.

Greats of the Gridiron

Greats of the Gridiron video game Developed by Critical Density Studios and published by Critical Density Studios

Developed by Critical Density Studios and published by Critical Density Studios

Greats of the Gridiron is a football simulation experience unlike any other where you need to Outdraft, Outdesign, and Outcoach other coaches from around the world if you want to win the coveted Gridiron Bowl and stake your claim to Greatness.


Pit your abilities and eye for scouting talent and strategically build your team from a pre-generated list of players, in real-time, as General Manager against other savvy coaches within your league or the AI teams.

But dont mismanage your salary cap or you may not be able to keep your stud players. However, you can always trade players during the draft, season or offseason to make cap room like that aging QB set for retirement so go ahead and pull off a blockbuster trade! Its your team to do as you wish Just remember, if your team is getting passed all over you may have wanted to draft that lockdown CB instead of the stud OL you coveted.


As Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, you create plays down to the finest of details. Pull your tackles on a sweep or have your QB pump fake to get the WR open.

Then head over to the practice field and check your plays against your offense or defense, make adjustments and perfect your playbook.

Use any of the pre-generated templates for some basic formations and then customize them any way you want to implement your offensive or defensive philosophy.


As Head Coach, you determine when and where each play is called using the Play Call Acumen system. You determine the down, distance, score differential, and timing. Youll also set the penaltyreward points depending on how that play does so that you dont keep calling the same bad play over and over, as well as making sure you call the plays that are working well. You are in total control of the team.

Additionally, there will also be available comprehensive Game, Team and Player statistics and commentary, so that coaches can fine tune their teams during drafts and playmaking. These data will be fully exportable to delimited files so that they can then be imported into your favorite analysis software for real scrutiny.Manage Your LeagueGreats of the Gridiron can be played in single game or league seasons managed by a League Commissioner. Each League Commissioner sets the rules for the league. These rules include player attribute point caps, game scheduling and numerous other options. The League Commissioner also runs the seasons and games, while coaches can sign on and watch their games (and other league games) being run.Play Against Other CoachesWith more than a dozen teams in the default league, each with their own unique playbook, hundreds of game hours can be played in single player mode. Single player allows for a 17 game season to be played along with a playoff tournament and Championship game at the end.Players can also form leagues with friends or coaches from around the world, online, to truly see where their drafting, design and coaching skills are and to try and win the glorious Gridiron Bowl and to see if they can truly be called a Great of the Gridiron. Using P2P connectivity, coaches can upload their teams and playbooks to a remote host for head-to-head action! Games are streamed to your favorite streaming service for the entire league to watch!If you're ready to be considered one of the GREATS - wishlist today!CALL IT IN THE AIR!

Greats of the Gridiron

Greats of the Gridiron video game Developed by Critical Density Studios and published by Critical Density Studios video screen

More about this game here.

HOM Simulator

HOM Simulator video game by Rcopello

Made by Rcopello

More about this game here.

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