Rayon Nelson's "Made of Gold" Will Melt You

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Melancholic euphoria shakes the walls to shambles in Rayon Nelson's "Made of Gold".

Supreme soul sound and supple blues tones take hold of your senses in this soft, soothing song.

You know yourself.

Your place and purpose. Written... Spoken...

Asleep; at once, woken.

"Why do I lose control?"

Rayon Nelson nets depth of expression in this stunner of a tune. "Made of Gold" gives you a lot to think about, but even more to feel for.

Layered vocals lie atop one another like mineral traces painting portions of sandstone. Bluesy rock rolls, thunderous on echoing guitar strings, from heart to horizon, as Rayon peels lyrical lightning across the soundscape. The vibe is exultant, expectant, a frantic call consumed by night's dark maw.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Made of Gold" weaves gilded emotions into pensive poignancy, poetic. Humming with the energy of a hoping heart, this song laments life's unanswered questions, but embraces its mystique all the same.

Bluesy goodness to kiss your ears a very good night... "Made of Gold" is gold. Press play and cut the lights.

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