Rayon Nelson Fights Fire With "Freedom"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Earthbound blues, shiny with gospel gilding, breaks barriers on contact in Rayon Nelson's heartfelt new tune "Freedom".

Real talk put to tune, this track fights back against indifference to suffering with sweet singing and somber sounds.

Hard to make a change...

When you feel no need... Watching others bleed and...

Families growing estranged.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"We talk about the problem, but we won't change."

Rayon Nelson nails the perfect mood, midway between tempered hope and torrid sorrow, in "Freedom". The quiet desperation of a nation's pain is palpable. The directionless distress, audible as whispers from a child's voice.

Phasing chords fall like tears from guitar strings to floor and tambourines shake as shocks of sonic filigree, silvery. Choral compassion pairs with rhythmic sway, chasing worries away in a rallying cry.


Rayon sinks into murky water with a hand outstretched in "Freedom" for souls swept under surface. To the shore, they swim together, washed clean.

Slip slowly into thoughtful ether in this bittersweet song. "Freedom" is worth your while and but a button press away. Press play.

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