Ralph Pelleymounter's "Wild Beast" Will Dismember Your Mind

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Like a folky, freaky, fast-paced RHCP track attacked by a schizophrenic mob armed with horns, Ralph Pelleymounter's "Wild Beast" wakes your inner feral monster.

Unnervingly energized, this song assails your ears with shotgun force.

Cold winds pummel...

Lone, on edge... You toss your shovel...

Make grave your bed.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Watch the bones as they give birth..."

Pelleymounter plays to our panic in "Wild Beast," stretching thin the threads of sanity for a sensory overload of a song.

Guitar strings scatter notes like velvet sparks in crazed chords. Ralph spins a wavering web of words over whiplash rhythm, while kicks count 3 between each phrase.


"Wild Beast" is a thrill at the edge of a razor. Ralph delivers unsettling suggestions and details dipped deep in delirium throughout, dragging us far, far away from comfort. Depositing us in an area, abandoned and unwanted... With a jolt of anxiety around every corner, each lyrical line erects more of a maze of meaning around us. The narrative is unreal, but it's really palpable all the same.

You might not want to miss this one. It begs for a play. Press the button.

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