Quivers Explain How "You're Not Always On My Mind"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Love left to linger in memory meets melody in Quivers' fresh track "You're Not Always On My Mind".

Retro rock with an ork-pop feel... This song is a trip to a chill destination.

This is how it feels to...

Lose you, but never stop... Miss you, but not look back.

Is this how you feel too?

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Still so far away from where you are..."

Quivers caress the spectrum in "You're Not Always On My Mind," spilling smooth tones over each other, calm and crystal clear.

Picks strike strings like matches, igniting on contact with sandy drums and choral lyrics. Notes ring out over all as this song ebbs and flows. Fitful bits break down to verbal verses and kicks kick up dust, keeping time to a heartbeat.


Thoughts spin and unravel in "You're Not Always On My Mind," moving from murky confusion to quiet acceptance from one moment to the next. To love, lose, miss and move on...

"You're Not Always On My Mind" might just surprise you with its gentle honesty and mellow musings. Push the play button and have a listen, ok?

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