Quez Laquez Breathes in "Oxygen"


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Quez Laquez waxes poetic on the pangs and pleasures of relationships in "Oxygen".

Love is in the air in this one, tripping over a dembow beat.

"That's just some sh!t we do..."

A couch, a bed... Locations, locations...

Commotion you're making. Head to head...

You've chosen. Clothes, like breadcrumbs, lead to the bed.


"I need you like oxygen..."

Quez spreads words like butter over beat and balladry in "Oxygen". This song is soft, simple and sensual.

Piano phantoms flutter on the outskirts of the mix, haunting the track with transient melody. Some of the notes are distinct, bounding over other elements to touch the song's surface. The rest make for a distinctly chill vibe, entangling themselves in the tune like loose spider silk.

A simple rhythm, restrained, frames "Oxygen" as mostly melody. It's a minimal touch that takes the track to new heights. Reggaeton lost in a dream...

Oxygen is a seriously relaxing track with flow you can float on. Listen and lounge out on air.

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