Q Dot Breaks Loose "Brand New"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Dazzling chiptune chirrup and flow with finesse flood Q Dot's new track "Brand New".

"Brand New" is surprisingly old-school in its cool funky feel - tantalizingly imbued with irresistible melody and a sweet, sticky hook.

"Fresh as an ocean breeze..."

Welcome home. Heated, dim-lit, inviting. Rose petal breadcrumbs lead to your lover.

Fire. Fire. Smokeless and ashless, your skin slicks with sweat.

Your bed is made. Time to lay in it. Tender air catches sparks.


"...And the feelin' that I'm feelin' is real..."

Silky, sultry funk fuzes well with rap in "Brand New".

Tremolo notes skip beats like sparse stepping stones. Your heart skips along with them. The traipsing beat and bass blend well with the vocals, but the blend of bass and beat bring this track to the top of the stack.

Q Dot holds his space in the spectrum with palpable ease - reeling in his lady and his listeners with each scattered syllable. The chorus, you can almost see CeeLo in - working magic like "Crazy".

This is the kind of funky hip hop you freak to. Listen, and do what you need to.

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