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Trip hop songs and albums are the perfect sonic tonic for anyone tired of life's ups and downs. Ditch your frown and free yourself with these sounds...

verzache - D97

verzache D97 song img

I want to give a huge thanks to Anh yunganh , Jonathan tregsmusic , Sam imgoldwater and Ezra swll for helping me make this thing. This project has sucked the life out of me and I'm glad that I can finally release this now. I guess the whole point behind this project was to compile some songs that describe my musical tastes and ideas, but i think also to give the listener a grasp of some sentiments that I wouldn't really be able to explain to anyone face to face. Hopefully this relatively big EP will please your earholes but also your heart, as cheesy as it sounds, haha peace yo i love you all.

Also big shoutout to Rasha rashaonsc and Motti mtti for helping me with the artwork!!

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D97 by verzache

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- DJ Krush Toshinori Kondo - Ki Oku (Full Album) [1996]

Genre: Trip Hop Jazz Hop

Artist: DJ Krush Toshinori Kondo

Album: Ki Oku

Release Date: August 8, 1996 (Japan)

January 26, 1998 (Overseas)

What can be said of DJ Krush and his irreplaceable contribution to music? Krush is a pioneer and one of the founding proponents of Trip Hop music from the 90's and one of it's most masterful exponents. This album is an epic collision of the two worlds and forces of Hip Hop and Jazz, way, way before it's time. Nowadays, Jazz Hop is prominent in the underground scene and quite a newer genre and offshoot of Hip Hop music Jazz but this album was truly groundbreaking, and one of the first of it's kind back. The album is a masterpiece and the brain child of DJ Krush that was conceived 20 years prior to it's time. It's definitely a classic and one to have in your collection! Groove chill to it!

In 2015, Fact ranked the album at 25 on its list of "The 50 Best Trip-Hop Albums of All Time."


00:00 - 1 - Toh-Sui

04:52 - 2 - Toriba-1

05:27 - 3 - Mu-Getsu

11:47 - 4 - Ha-Doh

17:08 - 5 - Sun Is Rising

23:59 - 6 - Mu-Chu

30:21 - 7 - Toriba-2

31:03 - 8 - Fu-Yu

35:56 - 9 - Ki-Gen

40:33 - 10 - Ko-Ku

45:52 - 11 - Shoh-Ka

50:31 - 12 - Bu-Seki

55:22 - 13 - Toriba-3

(C) 1996 Apollo Records Instinct Records

MikeTheMan said: 'Quite possibly one of the finest albums ever recorded. And yet so unknown.'

Angel Delerme said: 'Toshinori Kondo passed away on October 17, 2020. may he forever Rest in Peace. thank you for everything Kondo-san. 3'

Artur Kowalski said: 'I've been listening to this for 20 years now. Still as good. Feels like everything else in my life is evolving, but enjoying this album just peaked really early and stayed top.'

DJ Krush Toshinori Kondo - Ki Oku (Full Album) [1996] by

Frank J. Estermann - Franks buffalo source No. 1

Frank J. Estermann Franks buffalo source No. 1 song img

... stuff I wish would run on elevators ...

Franks buffalo source No. 1 by Frank J. Estermann

Nctrnm - NctrnmFM2

Nctrnm NctrnmFM2 song img

i hit 500 songs and 49 hours of audio, so i made a new compilation

NctrnmFM2 by Nctrnm

- Corpo-Mente - "Corpo-Mente" [Full Album - Official - HD]

The debut album by experimental opera trip-hop duo - Corpo-Mente. The band features members from Igorrr and Öxxö Xööx.

Corpo-Mente's debut album released on CD and digitally on March 24th, 2015 through Blood Music (FinlandUSA). And with a vinyl release date of April 28th, 2015.

0:00 - Scylla

4:22 - Arsalein

8:28 - Fia

12:12 - Velandi

15:42 - Dorma

21:05 - Dulcin

26:50 - Equus

29:34 - Ort

33:34 - Saelli

37:13 - Encell

Cod3Thr33 said: 'Beautiful, dark, and at times heavy. I have no idea what she's saying, but I love it. If you could hear a Zdzisław Beksiński painting, this is what it would sound like.'

bbonnley said: 'This album is amazing. The best thing about it is that it sounds like nothing I have ever heard before. Great work, definitely picking this up!'

Jacky Pereira said: 'This is so beautiful that it's almost physically painful to listen to. This is one of the few albums that brought tears to my eyes. I wish I had the words to describe this, absolutely stunning!'

Corpo-Mente - "Corpo-Mente" [Full Album - Official - HD] by

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