Pushpin Call Us Up From the "Mountain Top" in Jazzy New Single

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Loose melodic assemblage blends with soft-sung poetry in Pushpin's new song "Mountain Top".

Like Gentle Giant confined to a quiet lounge space, Pushpin conjure image of sound and set imagination off and running throughout this song.

Can you make it there?

All alone and dreaming, just...

Well, you'll do your best.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"She danced up that pathway, a spring in her step..."

Pushpin have a special sort of jazziness on display in "Mountain Top".

Rhythmic shifts assail the soundscape, stormy in tone and tuneful to the ear. Bass lines lead us across ornate melodic phrasings, surefooted and busy. Keys pinch out spectrum space amid twangy guitars, spacial effects and splashing cymbal fuzz. Our ears are left a-buzz.


An adventurous narrative greets us at this tune's offset, pulling us off to horizon, harmonious.

Pushpin push and pull at your senses in "Mountain Top," taking you along on a titillating journey of sound. If you're up for an auditory adventure, press play and set forth.

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