Profiling Marvel's Power Pack of Superkids

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Four kids fight crime with the best of 'em in Marvel's fictional universe, and they're called the Power Pack.

First appearing way back in 1984, the Power Pack put their youthful stamp on stomping out crime for over 60 issues.


"Power Pack is the first team of preteen superheroes in the Marvel Universe and the first in comics to operate without adult supervision."

Super kids sans adult supervision sounds like a simple dream come true for young comic book lovers, but the themes in the series strayed to deeper, darker dimensions than you might imagine.

Drugs, gun violence, homelessness and violent bullying featured frequently, along with the emotional turmoil of dealing with their powers.


Given their abilities by a dying humanoid horse, the power pack consisted of Gee (Alex), Lightspeed (Julie), Mass Master (Jack) and Energizer (Katie) and their costumes were actually alien spacesuits activated by voice command. Cool.

Also, at one point, they ended up fighting Wolverine's nemesis Sabretooth. Very cool.

The team of four were all siblings who concealed their abilities and heroic exploits from their parents Jim and Maggie. This too led to difficulties and drama between them as they struggled with the idea of revealing themselves to their parents.

Super kids can end up with super problems apparently. Who knew?


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