Profiling Marvel's Mysterious "Sleepwalker"

Odd Nugget Social-doneSleepwalker may not be particularly well-known as a member of the Marvel super-universe, but he's an undeniably interesting one.

The obscure hero's roles aren't many, but he played a part in the franchise's "Infinity Gauntlet" series seen now on the big screen as "Infinity War".

"He is named after his race, and is the star of a self-titled comic book which ran for 33 issues from June 1991 to February 1994."

Sleepwalker roamed the mindscape as others of his kind do, patrolling as a sort of guard against evil beings looking to invade our brains. In an unfortunate (read: comic book series fortunate) twist of fate, he finds himself trapped in some poor young man's mind. Thus, Rick Sheridan, a college student in New York ends up as his initially unwitting host.


Sleepwalker feeds on mental energy and can interact with waking reality, though his capacity to do so depends on Rick's capacity to go to sleep. It's all in the name...

Sleepwalker is one big mother-trucker; strong and durable. He's also got the face of a Martian, so there's that.

Sleepy boi can fly with the best of them, so he doesn't actually walk as much as his name would have you believe. Plus, he can warp physical objects (and people) with his "warp gaze," contorting them to his will.

Sleepwalker ends up being one of the only beings who can remember what took place during "The Infinity Gauntlet" time-line, during which he fought a group of lunatics called the "Chain Gang" and rescued folks from various calamities.


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