Prodded by Maximo Park's "Apply Some Pressure"



Maximo Park come crashing in, all tumult and tone, in "Apply Some Pressure." It's a thing of beauty.

Drums and brittle guitar corral our senses into submission. Where to?

Whats my view?

I must confess, this song is an old fave.


What can I say? I was young. Video games were great. Songs were simpler. Times were simpler...

What happens when you lose everything? You're left with a track like this and realize you don't need anything or anybody else anyhow.

Maximo Park reign supreme as Brit-punk heroes with tracks like "Going Missing" and "Girls Who Play Guitar," but this... This is where it's at.

I hope that I am still alive next year...

Melodically, the subtle organ rolls make the music. It wouldn't pass for gospel in a scientism temple, but truer sounds have never been played.

To put it succinctly, "Apply Some Pressure" is everything 00's rock ever was wrapped into a single track.

Press play. No pressure!

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